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Gun Policy News, 27 January 2013

United Kingdom,Madagascar

27 January 2013

Mongabay / TanaNews (Madagascar)

Britain has authorized the export of thousands of guns to Madagascar, according to, sparking concerns that the firearms could be used for hunting endangered lemurs. Data from the UK government's Strategic Export Controls website shows that licenses for the export of 3,174 guns to Madagascar were granted between August 2011 and June 2012. Most of the weapons were for anti-piracy activities, but 190 sporting guns — guns specifically intended for hunting... (

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27 January 2013

Agencia Venezolana de Noticias (Caracas)

[Translated summary: 303,000 firearms have been destroyed since 2003 in Venezuela, according to officials.] CARACAS - 303.000 armas de fuego han sido destruidas desde el año 2003 hasta la fecha en Venezuela, lo que destaca como el primer país en el mundo con importantes logros en materia de destrucción de armas, informó el director de la Policía Nacional Bolivariana (PNB), Luis Fernández. Las declaraciones las ofreció en la parroquia La Pastora, ubicada al... (

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West Africa,East Africa,Kenya,Uganda,Rwanda,Tanzania,Burundi

27 January 2013

New Vision (Kampala)

The East Africa Action Network on small arms (EAANSA) has called for tougher laws and increased vigilance among member states of the East African community (EAC) to curb illegal movement of small arms and light weapons. According to the executive secretary EAANSA, Richard Mugisha, considering that the dynamics and movement of small arms and light weapons (SALWs) transcend the political boarders that divide state parties within East Africa, there is need for increased... (

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27 January 2013

The Rappler

MANILA, Philippines – The Ella family never thought the fireworks display and merriment on New Year's Eve would bring them so much pain with the loss of their daughter, 7-year-old Stephanie Nicole. On New Year's Eve, Stephanie Nicole was hit by a stray bullet while watching fireworks outside her home in Caloocan. She died two days after. A few days later, on January 4, Ronald Bae alias "Bossing" went on a drug-induced shooting rampage with his semi-automatic pistol... (

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