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Gun Policy News, 8 January 2013

Uganda,Ethiopia,Kenya,South Sudan,Somalia,East Africa,Tanzania

8 January 2013

Star (Kenya), Series

There are estimated 530,000-680,000 firearms in the wrong hands in Kenya. The number of illegal arms has grown over the years and is said to fuel the conflicts witnessed within Kenya and the region. In an investigation that took close to a year, our correspondent Kassim Mohamed tracked down some of the people who smuggle small arms and light weapons into Kenya and unveils a dangerous trend that can affect the current peace if nothing is done by not just the Kenyan... (

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United States

8 January 2013

New York Times, Editorial

Instructed by President Obama to find ways to curb gun violence after the Connecticut school massacre, a working group led by Vice President Joseph Biden Jr. appears ready to recommend a package of proposals that go beyond reinstating the expired ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Mr. Obama has already expressed support for a bill being prepared by Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of California, that would provide a more effective ban on... (

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8 January 2013

InSight Crime (Bogota)

In a clear sign of Honduras' worsening security crisis, statistics show that more than 100 massacres took place inside the country in 2012, with half of the deaths attributed to organized crime. The Honduran Observatory on Violence, a program at Honduras' largest public university, used fieldwork and media monitoring to count 432 people dead in 115 massacres between January 1 and December 14 last year, reported newspaper El Heraldo. Firearms were used in 85 percent... (

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8 January 2013

Sabahi / Guardian (Dar Es Salaam)

Tanzanian police recovered 439 illegal firearms from citizens in a month-long drive to collect unlicensed weapons, police spokesperson Advera Senso announced Monday (January 7th). The police drive, which ended January 5th, afforded Tanzanians an opportunity to give up their illegal arms without consequence, Tanzania's The Guardian reported. Surrendered weapons included shotguns, rifles, submachine guns, pistols, air guns and rockets. Police will now begin a... (

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