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Gun Policy News, 29 February 2012

United States

29 February 2012


The death toll from a high school shooting rose to three Tuesday with two more teens succumbing to wounds suffered when a fellow student opened fire in a high school cafeteria. The alleged shooter, identified as 17-year-old TJ Lane, opened fire Monday with a handgun on a group of fellow students in the cafeteria of Chardon High School shortly after the start of the school day. The latest victims were Demetrius Hewlin and Russell King who died Tuesday from gunshot... (

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29 February 2012

Associated Press

MANILA, Philippines — More than 27,000 Philippine police officers — about a fifth of the national force — do not have government-issued guns, prompting many of them to rely on their own guns to battle criminals and insurgents, officials said Wednesday. Like the underfunded Philippine military, one of Asia's weakest, the 140,000-strong police have struggled with scarce funds and weapons while dealing with widespread crimes, decades-long communist and Muslim... (

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Eastern Europe,Russia,United States,Belgium

29 February 2012

RTL (Belgium)

[Translated summary: Explosives and weapons of war, including kalashnikovs, were seized by Belgium Police. This arms cache was Brussels' organised crime private supermarket.] Kalachnikovs, grenades et dynamite, c'est l'étonnante découverte qu'a faite, mardi, la police d'Anderlecht dans un hangar, révèle une information de Sudpresse. Selon le parquet de Bruxelles, ces explosifs et armes de guerre pourraient être revendus et destinés à des attaques à main... (

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