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Gun Policy News, 28 February 2012


28 February 2012

Africa Time / La Presse

[Translated summary: Illegal arms trade in Tunisia coming to an end? Apparently yes. Indeed, past weeks have seen many gun smuggling rings dismantled by Tunisia law enforcement.] Les coups de filet, de plus en fréquents ces jours-ci, ont mis à mal le trafic, jusqu'ici prospère, des armes. Mais gare au triomphalisme… Le trafic des armes en Tunisie commence-t-il vraiment à s'essouffler ? Est-il en train de perdre du terrain? Et puis, question capitale, est-on... (

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28 February 2012

Huffington Post (USA)

A small, scratched metal can thrown on the ground created Brazil's first diplomatic embarrassment of 2012. The canister of tear gas had been collected by pro-democracy activists in Bahrain. Stamped across the can in blue was a Brazilian flag and the words 'MADE IN BRAZIL.' One year had passed since Bahrain became the stage for pro-democracy protests by the majority Shiites against the Sunni monarchy commanded by king Hamad bin-Isa Khalifa. The protesters had been... (

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28 February 2012

CNN, Opinion

Editor's Note: Dr. Frank Ochberg is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Michigan State University and former Associate Director of the National Institute of Mental Health. School shootings are far more frequent in America than in other countries, although terrible massacres have occurred in Russia, Israel, and several European nations. In the high-crime neighborhoods of inner cities, school turf is relatively safe. We have learned to harden the target and patrol with... (

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28 February 2012

Guardian (UK) / Reuters

MOSCOW - Moscow announced plans on Tuesday to modernise the Kalashnikov, giving a new lease of life to the Soviet-era assault rifle. The move is part of a 20 trillion-rouble (£435bn) modernisation of Russia's armed forces that includes the addition of new armaments, submarines and aircraft by 2020. The Kalashnikov has been a mainstay of the Russian army, as well as a weapon of choice for paramilitaries and gangsters around the world. The new-look weapon will get a... (

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