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Gun Policy News, 27 February 2012

Dominican Republic

27 February 2012

Listin Diario (Dominican Republic)

[Translated summary: In the last seven years in Dominican Republic, 10,955 people were killed with bullets. Firearms are used in 66% of homicides.] SANTO DOMINGO - En enero de 2011, desconocidos asesinaron al teniente coronel Virgilio Casilla Minaya, en momentos en que departía junto a su esposa en un colmado del barrio La Fe, de Los Alcarrizos. Cuatro meses después, fue encontrado muerto un mecánico en la autovía del Este, en San Pedro de Macorís. Al finalizar... (

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27 February 2012

Macleans (Canada)

The final House of Commons vote to end the federal firearms registry was greeted Feb. 15 on Parliament Hill with a low-key cocktail party. Long-time opponents of the 1995 Liberal gun control bill, still spoken of hissingly out West as C-68, gathered to celebrate with the Prime Minister. Perhaps surprisingly, there was little visible jubilation on the Prairies about the end of a nearly 20-year fight. The streets of Alberta and Saskatchewan did not live up to Torontonian... (

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27 February 2012

Le Nouvel Observateur (France)

[Translated summary: The French Parliament has set a new gun control policy in order to better address firearm trafficking. The text on "modern, simplified and preventive gun control" aims at reforming outdated legislation from 1939.] Le Parlement a mis en place, lundi, un nouveau contrôle des armes, destiné à mieux réprimer le trafic, à l'origine de braquages retentissants, avec l'adoption définitive d'une proposition de loi UMP-PS, rareté politique en période... (

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United States

27 February 2012

New York Times

Three former New York City police officers pleaded guilty on Monday to taking part in a scheme to illegally transport firearms across state lines, the authorities said. "As they admitted today, these police officers moonlighted as criminals, and even planned to use their badges to cover their illegal activity," the United States attorney in Manhattan, Preet Bharara, said in a statement. Gary Ortiz, 28, who was an active-duty officer in the 71st Precinct in Brooklyn,... (

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27 February 2012

Business World (Philippines), Opinion

We were walking back home -- my husband and two small kids in tow -- after a fun-filled river exploration. We were vacationing in a cousin's place, north of Manila. The road was empty, save for a guy in motorbike in front of a small makeshift nipa hut-kerosene store. Two loud noises cracked the silence, and another guy came running out of the nipa hut. He jumped in the waiting motorbike, and the two hurriedly left. My mind was slow in processing the events; I even... (

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