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Gun Policy News, 12 February 2012


12 February 2012

Sydney Morning Herald

Police are powerless to stop gun crime while weapons exist on Sydney's streets, the Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, has admitted, but he will consider lobbying for a gun amnesty if his officers request it. In an interview with The Sun-Herald, Mr Scipione compared gun crimes to car crashes, saying they were impossible to stop. But he said police were heavily focused on fighting the spike in shootings in Sydney's south-west. "There is no way I would suggest that... (

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12 February 2012

ABC News (Australia)

A recent spate of shootings in Western Sydney and South Australia have prompted a national intelligence assessment of up to 1,500 illegal firearms. The Australian Crime Commission, together with state and federal police, customs and border protection agencies, will trace guns linked to shootings over the past year, and determine links to gang activity across the country. The full report and recommendations will be presented to police ministers in July. Federal Home... (

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12 February 2012

Daily Record (Scotland)

A global campaign to control the trade in deadly weapons will be stepped up at Glasgow University tomorrow when anti-gun campaigner Dr Mick North - whose daughter Sophie was killed in Dunblane tragedy in 1996 - leads a new push by Oxfam and Amnesty towards a United Nations arms treaty. Here, he explains why the issue means the difference between life and death. _________ Next month marks the 16th anniversary of my daughter's death. Sophie was just five when a gunman... (

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12 February 2012

Proceso (Honduras)

[Translated summary: According to Honduras Director of National Police, there are inconsistencies in the current Act on Arms Carrying because it allows one person to possess five firearms. Thus in a family of five, they can legally possess 25 firearms.] TEGUCIGALPA - La cúpula policial entregó al ministro de Seguridad, Pompeyo Bonilla, un paquete de reformas a la Ley de Portación de Armas, en la cual piden que se rebaje la cantidad de armas permitidas por la ley,... (

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12 February 2012

Independent (Dublin)

The global arms trade, which produces two bullets for every person on the planet every year and the weapons that kill 1,500 people each day, is facing the first worldwide effort to control it. An unprecedented treaty that would attempt to restrict arms sales is expected to be drawn up at talks in the United Nations this week. A campaign for such an agreement, begun six years ago by Nobel laureates, faces attempts by the United States and Russia to water the treaty... (

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