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Gun Policy News, 8 February 2012

United Kingdom

8 February 2012

Huffington Post (UK)

The government is considering plans to give tougher sentences to "middle men," gun runners who supply the firearms used in murders. Home Secretary Theresa May said the "middle men are as responsible as those who pull the trigger", as she announced a consultation on the issue on Wednesday. It follows concerns from police chiefs and politicians that current sentences of up to 10 years are too lenient. "We need to target not just those who use illegal firearms but those... (

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Germany,United Kingdom,China,Nigeria

8 February 2012

Daily Trust (Abuja)

British prosecutors recently vowed to pursue a legal case involving the shipment of large cache of weapons, allegedly from China and destined for Nigeria, after a London judge threw it out. Those involved in the trade are said to be British and German arms dealers. Mr Gary Hyde, a 42-year old retired British volunteer police officer, is accused of conspiring with his German business partner Karl Kleber for the illegal shipment of 40,000 Ak47 assault rifles, 30,000... (

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8 February 2012

Sydney Morning Herald

The number of gun licences in NSW is more than 190,000 - according to the latest figures provided by NSW Police. The total number of registered guns in the state is 766,504. This number excludes those held by gun dealers, collectors or in club armories. has produced a map to show you how many gun licenses are in your suburb, and how it compares to the number of people living there. The darker the colour on the map - the higher number of guns per capita.... (

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United States,Mexico

8 February 2012


SAN ANTONIO - Nine Texas men and women have been sentenced to prison for purchasing firearms for Mexico's Los Zetas drug cartel, and a dozen others face charges linked to a Department of Justice probe into weapons trafficking, officials said on Wednesday. U.S. Attorney Robert Pitman said that in many cases, the purchasers were paid a couple of hundred dollars to buy a weapon and hand it to a smuggler. "Firearms smugglers employ individuals in the United States with no... (

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