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Gun Policy News, 18 January 2012

United Kingdom

18 January 2012

Yorkshire Post (UK)

Countryside campaigners have attacked moves to set a minimum age for shotgun licences, claiming research proves under-14s with certificates "pose no risk to the public". The Countryside Alliance said their figures, which show that in the past 10 years only two people under the age of 14 have had shotgun certificates withdrawn by the police, prove "conclusively" that the young take the responsibility of handling shotguns seriously and efforts to stop them entering the... (

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Mexico,United States

18 January 2012

InSight Crime (Bogota)

A ruling by a US judge on tracking the sale of high-powered firearms in states on the southern border is a step forward for authorities trying to legislate against the flow of guns into Mexico. Federal Judge Rosemary Collyer upheld an order made last year by the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). The ATF asked more than 8,000 gun dealers in Arizona, Texas, California and New Mexico to report sales of multiple semi-automatic rifles to one... (

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United Kingdom

18 January 2012

BBC News

Police revoked just two shotgun certificates given to children in the past decade, according to the Countryside Alliance. The campaign group released the figures as MPs prepare to debate whether to introduce a minimum age of 14 for holding a shotgun certificate. More than 7,000 under-18s received certificates between 2008 and 2010. There is currently no minimum age for qualifying, but an anti-gun group said under-18s should not get certificates. In a Freedom of... (

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18 January 2012

ABC News (Spain) / EFE

[Translated summary: According to data from the United Nations, firearms are used in 80% of homicides committed in Thailand, a percentage that is almost hand in hand with nations such as South Africa, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, or the United States.] BANGKOK - La fascinación de los tailandeses por las armas de fuego, de las que hay 15 por cada 100 habitantes, hace que Tailandia sea uno de los países con un mayor promedio de homicidios cometidos por gente propensa... (

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18 January 2012

New York Times

ISTANBUL — When the police showed up at the home of Muzeyyen Yanik in Istanbul in October in response to her request for protection from an abusive former husband, she had been dead and buried for three months — shot four times in the head. He is now on trial for murder. Another woman, Ferdane Col of Izmir, had actually succeeded in obtaining a restraining order against her husband before being stabbed to death in October. He has been arrested. Then there was... (

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