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Gun Policy News, 12 January 2012


12 January 2012

Daily Trust (Abuja)

ACCRA, Ghana — The Ghana Police Service says it impounded on Tuesday a lorry load of arms and ammunitions in Achimota, Accra, allegedly being smuggled to Nigeria from the country. The police command, acting on a tip-off by a resident in the area, affirmed that five persons - three Ghanaians and two Nigerians - were arrested in connection with the crime. The suspects, Sunday Eze, Samuel Taiwo and two others. are currently in police custody and assisting the Command... (

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South Africa

12 January 2012

Institute for Security Studies (Tshwane/Pretoria)

People who possess firearms in South Africa can generally be separated into three categories. The first group consists of individuals in possession of duly registered firearms. The next group is of greater concern. They are the people who are in illegal possession of firearms. Not all people who possess firearms that are, according to the letter of the law, illegal are violent criminals. However, even this armed group is less of a concern than the last type. The third... (

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12 January 2012

ABC News (Australia) / 7.30 Report, Transcript

TRACY BOWDEN, PRESENTER: Drive by shootings are something we normally associate with Hollywood action movies but they've become a reality on the streets of Sydney. Last night, a bullet fired from a passing car narrowly missed a two-month-old baby who was asleep in her cot. And on Monday night two houses were sprayed with bullets in separate attacks. Although there have no deaths, police fear it could only be a matter of time before an innocent bystander is caught in... (

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Bosnia & Herzegovina,Croatia,Hungary,Albania,Bulgaria,Kosovo

12 January 2012

Southeast European Times

An estimated fifth of Bosnia and Herzegovina's (BiH) population own 750,000 unregistered weapons, according to officials who cite widespread availability and easy access on the black market as a major source of concern. "After traffic accidents, illegal arms are the most common cause of death in BiH. About 90% of illegal acts are done with the use of illegal weapons," Denis Hadzovic of the Centre for Security Studies in BiH told SETimes. Most illegal weapons are guns... (

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