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Gun Policy News, 26 October 2011


26 October 2011

CBC News (Canada)

Since the introduction of stricter gun laws in 1991, there has been a 65 per cent reduction in homicides by long guns, Statistics Canada data shows. The reduction in homicides involving any type of firearm was 37 per cent. Statistics Canada released a report on Oct. 26, 2011, on homicides in Canada in 2010. That year, there were 170 shooting homicides, about 32 per cent of all homicides. The total homicide rate fell to its lowest level since 1966 (1.62 per 100,000... (

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26 October 2011

Vancouver Sun (British Columbia)

Whether it's computers, cars, motorbikes or guns, 28-year-old Greg MacDonald — a self-confessed "tech nerd" — is always looking for the latest and greatest technology. A Newfoundlander and lover of fine machinery, MacDonald says the rigorous research and development that goes into modern military-grade firearms — known as "black rifles" within shooter circles — is a sort of poetry in motion. "When I see a firearm, I see engineering, mathematics and physics,"... (

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26 October 2011

Sudan Tribune (France)

KHARTOUM – Relatively new Chinese weapons have been seized from rebel groups in South Sudan, according to the Small Arms Survey research organisation. Arms captured from rebel fighters loyal to both Peter Gadet and George Athor included Chinese Type-56-1 assault rifles. South Sudan has repeatedly accused Khartoum of backing southern rebels in an attempt to destabilise the oil-rich nation, which became independent in July. Khartoum denies that it arms rebels in South... (

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26 October 2011

Heritage (Monrovia)

An Executive Order, reinstituting a total ban on the ownership and use of firearms and ammunitions in Liberia, has been extended. Executive Order No. 34 bans the possession, use, sale or manufacture of firearms, which include all arms of precision such as flintlock guns with unrifled barrels and shotguns. The ban excludes single-barrel guns used solely for hunting, which must, however, be registered with the Ministry of Justice through the Office of the Superintendent... (

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Mexico,United States

26 October 2011

Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Gun store owners in southwestern border states argued in federal court Tuesday that the Obama administration cannot require them to report when customers buy multiple high-powered rifles. The Justice Department responded to a lawsuit seeking to block the two-month-old requirement by asking a judge to uphold its legality, arguing the measure could help stop the flow of guns to Mexican drug cartels. It requires sellers in California, Arizona, New Mexico... (

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United States

26 October 2011

Los Angeles Times, Blog

The number of U.S. women who say their household possesses a gun is at a record high. A Gallup poll on Wednesday said 43% of American women reported a gun in their home or somewhere on their property. That number is up seven percentage points, from 36% in 2010. Men were even more likely to say their household has a gun. This year 52% of men reported a gun in their house or on their property -- also seven points higher than in 2010, when 45% said so. The gender gap is... (

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