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Gun Policy News, 12 October 2011


12 October 2011

Sudan Tribune (France), Opinion

It's commendable that the government of South Sudan took upon itself the bold initiative ever to address the widespread insecurity in the country through an enforced nationwide disarmament campaign. However, six and a half years in the row the much applauded campaign has paradoxically come to stand as a testimony of the failures after failures incurred under the leadership of this system that never learns from its mistakes. Firearms make their ways from the... (

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South Africa

12 October 2011

Democratic Alliance (Cape Town), Media release

In reply to a parliamentary question the Minister of Police has revealed that one-third or 91 191 SAPS firearms still need to be marked to clearly identify them as SAPS weapons. This means that it is impossible to track where many of the lost and stolen firearms end up. It certainly explains the low recovery rate of 7% when it comes to missing weapons. In the last five years, 11 935 SAPS firearms have been lost or stolen I shall be writing to the Independent Complaints... (

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12 October 2011

Radio France Internationale (Afrique)

[Translated summary: The return of Malian ex-combatants, from Libya to Mali, worries. They come back with an important military arsenal and these weapons will easily find takers in Sahel.] Dans le nord du Mali, plusieurs dizaines d'ex-combattants libyens d'origine malienne sont attendus d'ici quelques jours. Il s'agit de membres de l'armée libyenne pro-Kadhafi, qui ont été défaits et qui cherchent aujourd'hui à retourner dans leur pays d'origine. Mais alors que... (

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