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Gun Policy News, 10 October 2011


10 October 2011

Sydney Morning Herald / AAP

NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge has backed a state government decision not to allow the use of gun silencers, saying it's proof the NSW Game Council should be abolished. The Game Council was set up by the former Labor government in 2002 as a statutory authority to regulate hunting in the state. The Shooters and Fishers Party had asked the government to allow the use of silencers by licensed shooters and hunters, with the Game Council submitting a report backing the... (

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United States

10 October 2011

Los Angeles Times

Sacramento— With the announcement early Monday that he had outlawed the public display of handguns in California, Gov. Jerry Brown bucked a national trend toward more lenient firearms laws and placed himself in the political cross-hairs of the state's 2nd Amendment activists. Brown, the owner of three guns, said in a statement that he signed a bill banning the open carrying of handguns at the urging of law enforcement officials, who included Los Angeles Police Chief... (

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