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Gun Policy News, 3 October 2011

United States

3 October 2011

Guardian (UK) / Reuters

The US supreme court has refused to consider whether an individual's right to own guns includes carrying a firearm outside the home – staying out of one of the nation's most divisive social, political and legal issues. The justices let stand a ruling by Maryland's highest court that upheld a state law prohibiting the carrying of a handgun without a permit outside of one's home. The court turned down the opportunity to define the reach of its landmark 2008 ruling... (

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3 October 2011

Albeu (Albania)

According to a study by the Center for the control of small arms and light weapons in Eastern Europe (Weapons), in Serbia have registered over 1.2 million weapons. The country is regarded as the most armed in the region compared with other countries in the region, but also in the world. According to the Ministry of Interior of Serbia, 45 thousand guns of different calibers were recorded in 3300 owned by legal persons, while 96% of other weapons are owned by about 600... (

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