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Gun Policy News, 19 May 2011

United States

19 May 2011


CNN - "Anybody that wants to disarm me can drop dead," Ted Nugent tells CNN's Piers Morgan. "Anybody that wants to make me unarmed and helpless, people that want to literally create the proven places where more innocents are killed called gun-free zones, we're going to beat you. We're going to vote you out of office or suck on my machine gun." The rocker and gun rights activist known for hits like "Cat Scratch Fever" and "Stranglehold" and nicknamed the "Motor City... (

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United States

19 May 2011

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah), Opinion

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence gave Utah a zero score because it does not have "a single common sense gun law" on its books. It also bestowed on Utah its "Craziest Gun Laws" award for allowing guns on college campuses ("'Craziest laws': Utah scolded by national gun-violence group," Tribune, May 6). In response, Rep. Curt Oda, R-Clearfield, said: "I'm glad we got a zero from that group. I actually wish we would get a negative score from them — like an... (

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United States

19 May 2011

San Francisco Chronicle / AP

GRANTS PASS, Oregon - The Oregon Supreme Court unanimously ruled Thursday that a retired school bus driver can have her medical marijuana and a concealed handgun, too. The ruling upheld previous decisions by the Oregon Court of Appeals and circuit court that determined a federal law barring criminals and drug addicts from buying firearms does not excuse sheriffs from issuing concealed weapons permits to people who hold medical marijuana cards and otherwise... (

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United States

19 May 2011

Eagle-Tribune (Massachusetts)

PELHAM — Denise Bergeron said she loves teaching women how to safely fire a gun and enjoy exercising their Second Amendment rights. Bergeron teaches Women on Target, the National Rifle Association's program designed for women who have never handled a firearm before. She will teach a class Saturday at the Pelham Fish and Game Club. "They come away knowing that firearms aren't dangerous with the correct proper safe training. They're a great sport activity," she... (

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