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Gun Policy News, 14 May 2011

New Zealand

14 May 2011

3 News (New Zealand)

The owner of the country's biggest gun store says new rules aimed at restricting imports of airguns which replicate the real thing will do little to reduce crime. An amendment to the Arms Act will mean people who import replica airguns must first obtain a permit from the commissioner of police. David Tipple imports around 10,000 airguns every year and he now fears around 20 percent or 2,000 of those guns will require a permit before he can bring them in. "Under the... (

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United States

14 May 2011

Times-Union (Florida)

Glen Conley was standing about 50 feet away when a bullet pierced his only child through the chest. Seconds before, he heard the last words of his 18-year-old daughter, Cami. "Dad — help." He couldn't. "By the time I got up there," Conley said, "there was nothing I could do." He'd been close before, less than two years ago, when the Middleburg father had to save his daughter's life. That day, he could. But now, Conley is making phone calls to relatives and funeral... (

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United States

14 May 2011, Editorial

When Ohio's concealed-carry law was enacted in 2004, opponents warned it would lead to Wild West shootouts on the streets. They were wrong. The legislation licensing qualified Ohioans to carry concealed firearms, forged through years of tough debate, struck a sometimes awkward yet reasonable balance between liberty and safety. But now, Ohio lawmakers, with signals of support from Gov. John Kasich, are poised to upset that balance with a measure to allow concealed... (

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14 May 2011

al Jazeera

As the Syrian uprisings escalate in violence, Lebanon's black market in arms is flourishing, with prices of light and medium weapons driven higher by Lebanese and Syrian demand. "Prices have tripled in less than two months," says Wael, a local arms dealer, whose name has been changed to protect his identity. According to local dealers, Syrians have been crossing the borders into neighbouring Lebanon to purchase weapons since late January, when the country erupted with... (

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United States

14 May 2011

USA Today

Large metropolitan areas suffer about two-thirds of all firearm homicides in the United States, with inner cities most affected, according to a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "The central cities really bear the burden of firearm homicides," said Linda L. Dahlberg, the associate director for science in CDC's Division of Violence Prevention, noting that the gun murder rate was highest among male children and teens. These findings... (

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