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Gun Policy News, 11 May 2011

Mexico,United States

11 May 2011

Bloomberg (USA)

Mexican President Felipe Calderon said drug-related violence is being fueled by illegal imports of U.S. guns that have surged since a ban on assault weapons ended in 2004. "The violence in Mexico started when the assault weapons ban expired," Calderon, 48, said today in an interview on the "Charlie Rose" program airing on PBS and Bloomberg Television. Authorities have seized more than 100,000 weapons in the past four years, 85 percent of which came from the U.S.,... (

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United States

11 May 2011

Washington Post / AP

LAKEWOOD, Colorado — Police in a Denver suburb say a 10-year-old boy accused of shooting six classmates with a BB gun is due in court next month to face misdemeanor charges. Lakewood Police spokesman Steve Davis alleges the fourth-grader at Stein Elementary shot his classmates Monday while the teacher wasn't looking. Davis reported no serious injuries. Davis says the boy was arrested on suspicion of assault and launching dangerous missiles that can cause injury, but... (

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United States

11 May 2011

WTOP TV News (Washington DC)

WASHINGTON - Michelle Lane is tired of waiting to get her guns, so she's going to federal court. WTOP was first to report that Lane and all D.C. residents are temporarily unable to register handguns. The reason: The only licensed firearm dealer in the District is temporarily out of business because he lost his lease. Federal law prohibits individuals from buying handguns in one state and transferring them to another state. That can only be facilitated by a licensed... (

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United States

11 May 2011

Huffington Post (USA), Opinion

Remember all the talk of a peace dividend at the end of the Cold War? Seems like a long time ago, doesn't it? Since that time, U.S. defense spending has ballooned, nearly doubling since 2001. Now that Osama bin Laden is dead, it will be hard for the war hawks to defend keeping American troops in Afghanistan. But they will, even as a majority of people want to cut military spending in order to reduce the deficit, rather than cut important social programs such as Social... (

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