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Gun Policy News, 30 April 2011

United States

30 April 2011

Indianapolis Star (Indiana)

The Senate passed 40-10 a final version of a firearms bill that would allow Hoosier to carry guns into most government buildings and would leave cities and towns unable to regulate firearms. "This is not about the state trying to override local government," said the bill's author, Sen. Jim Tomes, R-Wadesville. "This is a case where local government has had an insidious progress of taking powers that was not delegated to them." If adopted by the House and signed into... (

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30 April 2011

Sydney Morning Herald

Police are trying to establish a motive after an Adelaide man allegedly killed three of his neighbours and left a teenage boy and policeman fighting for life after a shooting spree. A woman at the house in the suburb of Hectorville survived the bloodshed but her parents and husband were killed and her 14-year-old son was shot and seriously injured. An 11 year-old boy staying at the house survived injury after hiding in a bedroom. The woman - who has not been named -... (

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United States

30 April 2011

Washington Post

The only licensed firearms dealer active in Washington says he is closing his business temporarily, meaning D.C. residents will have no way to legally buy pistols under a landmark court decision that ended the city's handgun ban. The US Supreme Court struck down the city's 33-year-old handgun prohibition in 2008, ruling that the Constitution guarantees the right to own firearms. But because of a federal law governing the interstate sale of pistols, Washingtonians who... (

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United States

30 April 2011

Time (USA)

Oh, Arizona. Now, in addition to an official state reptile (the Ridge-nosed rattlesnake) and official state neckwear (the bola tie), you can add an official state gun. As of Thursday, when Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed the measure into law, the Colt single-action army revolver became the official sidearm of the Grand Canyon State. Designating the gun — the same one slung by Wyatt Earp, Buffalo Bill Cody and Theodore Roosevelt — the official heater of Arizona... (

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