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Gun Policy News, 25 April 2011

United States

25 April 2011

USA Today, Opinion

Several states are passing Stand Your Ground laws and loosening their concealed carry laws, making it easier for people to defend themselves … and that's a good thing. Consider what happens when decent people can't protect themselves. Amanda Collins was a student at University of Nevada's Reno campus in 2007. Even though she had a concealed carry permit, she was unarmed the night she was brutally raped by James Biela. She had left her gun at home because she was... (

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United States

25 April 2011

Bloomberg (USA)

Americans are telling a "less upbeat story" about the economy's prospects as they attempt to buy guns in record numbers, according to Nicholas Colas, chief market strategist at BNY ConvergEx Group LLC. The CHART OF THE DAY shows the average monthly number of background-check applications increased to 1.25 million in the 12-month period that ended in March, according to data compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The figure has been setting records since... (

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United States

25 April 2011

Tribune-Review (Pittsburgh)

Dyanna Auston is the kind of woman the National Rifle Association looks for. The single mom browsed Anthony Arms & Accessories in West Mifflin last week and bought a .38-caliber, pink-gripped Taurus pistol for personal protection. It's the first gun for Auston of Duquesne, and though she's not a member of the NRA, she said she'd consider joining and checking out this weekend's 2011 Annual Meetings & Exhibits in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center for gun... (

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Papua New Guinea

25 April 2011

ABC News (Australia)

Recently we reported on the stalled efforts to dispose of the weapons that fuelled the decade-long civil war on the island of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea. Ten years after a peace agreement ended the conflict, hundreds, possibly thousands of weapons are still in the hands of former combatants and criminals. Bougainville's government says it doesn't have the money or expertise to solve the problem and has called for international help. The issue's importance has... (

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