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Gun Policy News, 22 April 2011

United States

22 April 2011

USA Today

Terry Jones, the Quran-burning pastor from Florida who is in Michigan to try to mount an anti-Muslim rally this evening, accidentally fired his .40-caliber handgun while leaving a TV studio parking lot Thursday night, the Detroit Free Press reports, quoting police. The 59-year-old pastor of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla., is in court today to press his plans to rally today in front of the Islamic Center of America, in Dearborn, a heavily Muslim... (

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22 April 2011

Times of India

CHANDIGARH - The Punjab government has decided to waive the requirement of two witnesses while applying for gun license, passport or government services and said self-attested forms will now be sufficient. The decision was announced in a meeting of field officers presided by principal secretary of Punjab DS Bains and Punjab director general of police (DGP) P S Gill. The decision was taken following the recommendation of Punjab Governance Reforms Commission (PGRC) and... (

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22 April 2011

Sydney Morning Herald

The Beiruti arms dealer Abu Jihad is more than an hour late to our pre-arranged meeting. "I'm very sorry for the delay," says the balding father of four when he finally appears. "On the way here I made an unexpected sale. Two M16s." Wearing green camouflage pants and a black parka, Abu Jihad sits down and reaches for the Smith & Wesson revolver strapped to his ankle. "I normally carry three weapons," he says, emptying the revolver of its bullets and spinning the... (

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