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Gun Policy News, 21 April 2011


21 April 2011

Deutsche Welle

At the end of February, a shaky video appeared on Youtube showing Moammar Gadhafi's son Saif al-Islam addressing a raucous crowd in Tripoli. Struggling to keep the regime supporters quiet long enough to speak, Saif promises that weapons will be handed out to fight the opposition forces. As if to show what kind of weapons he means, Saif waves a large machine gun. This gun has been identified as a Heckler and Koch G36, manufactured in Germany. It's the standard weapon of... (

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New Zealand

21 April 2011

New Zealand Press Association

A man has been charged with careless use of a firearm after a 15-year-old girl was accidentally shot in the abdomen in Rolleston, southwest of Christchurch. The girl was inside a house when a pistol was discharged from an adjoining garage on Monday night. "When it's [the pistol] discharged, it's [the bullet] gone through the garage into the house and ricocheted off a fridge," Detective Sergeant Ross Tarawhiti, of Southern CIB, told The Press. The girl suffered... (

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United States,Mexico

21 April 2011

CBS News (USA)

CBS News has learned that the Mexican Government has retained an American law firm to explore filing civil charges against U.S. gun manufacturers and distributors over the flood of guns crossing the border into Mexico. Sources say Mexico's frustration with U.S. efforts to stop the flow of weapons has pushed them into this novel approach. The law firm is looking at charges that may include civil RICO. The contract was signed on November 2, 2010 by a representative of... (

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United States

21 April 2011

Fox News (USA)

DENISON, Texas - Friends said a Denison golfer was shot to death for a stupid reason – because his dog went on someone's grass. On Tuesday, 58-year-old Shellman Smith was out golfing at the Denison Country Club with his friends much like he did almost every other day of the week. Joining them was Smith's dog Marty. But when the group got to the third hole, Jim Steward said Marty hopped out of the cart and trotted over to a nearby home to frolic with some other dogs.... (

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