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Gun Policy News, 14 April 2011

Australia,United States

14 April 2011

Australian (Sydney)

Almost 10,000 Australian police-issue handguns will flood the American secondary arms market after two state police departments opted to trade in their old weapons rather than have them destroyed. The Australian has learned that Victoria and South Australia struck deals with weapons manufacturer Smith & Wesson to export their surplus weapons to the US to reduce the cost of upgrading to semi-automatic pistols. While NSW and the Australian Federal Police destroyed their... (

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Australia,United States

14 April 2011

Croakey / Crikey (Australia), Blog

Should Australia be contributing to the gun toll in the USA? It's a timely question for the Defence Export Control Office in the Department of Defence in Canberra, says Adjunct Associate Professor Philip Alpers, of at the Sydney School of Public Health, University of Sydney. Philip Alpers writes: If Canberra follows precedent, around 10,000 surplus Australian police firearms will soon be for sale in pawn shops and gun shops across the United States. To... (

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14 April 2011

Ha'aretz (Tel Aviv)

A new policy formulated in recent weeks by the Public Security Ministry will give settlers preference in gun licensing procedures. Public Security Ministry officials, policemen and others have in recent days reviewed lists of persons seeking gun permits. Under the new guidelines, citizens who live in places defined by security officials as danger regions will receive preference in gun license issuance procedures. This danger zone designation extends to the entirety... (

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Mexico,United States

14 April 2011

CBS News (USA)

Damning, newly-obtained emails show that a key gun shop owner made explicit concerns in writing last year in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms' "gunwalking" scandal. Starting in late 2009, ATF allegedly directed an undetermined number of Phoenix-area gun shop owners to go ahead with sales of thousands of assault rifles and other weapons to suspicious buyers. Insiders claim ATF knew the buyers were connected to Mexico's drug cartels, but let the guns "walk"... (

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United States

14 April 2011

Atlantic (USA), Opinion

The Newark Star-Ledger reports on the disturbing number of suicides among police officers in New Jersey -- sadly a national phenomenon as well. The unusual stress of police work and its effect on family life plays a large part, but so does availability of firearms. An opinion piece in the New England Journal of Medicine observed a few years ago: In 2005, the most recent year for which mortality data are available, suicide was the second-leading cause of death among... (

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Mexico,United States

14 April 2011

Associated Press

PHOENIX — A licensed gun dealer in Arizona who was cooperating with federal agents in a gun smuggling probe told investigators that he was worried that firearms sold by his store could end up in the wrong hands. The dealer's concerns are contained in a letter that Republican Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa wrote on Wednesday to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder as part of Grassley's inquiry into efforts to combat gun smuggling into Mexico. The Associated Press obtained... (

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