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Gun Policy News, 13 April 2011

United States

13 April 2011

Daily Democrat (California), TV preview

Garen Wintemute, an emergency room physician and public health epidemiologist at UC Davis Medical Center, is among the featured experts in the documentary "Gun Fight," which premieres on HBO Wednesday. The documentary, directed by two-time Oscar-winning filmmaker Barbara Kopple, looks at the complex issues surrounding firearms and debate over how best to reduce gun violence in the U.S. Kopple and her film team shadowed Wintemute and emergency department physicians and... (

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United States

13 April 2011

New York Times, TV preview

Barbara Kopple's engrossing, frustrating documentary "Gun Fight" — it's not liable to inspire happy thoughts in people on either side of the gun-control debate — begins with eerie cellphone video footage taken during the Virginia Tech shootings in April 2007, and the aftermath of that rampage provides the film's emotional ballast. But events have rushed along since Virginia Tech, and Ms. Kopple has had to account for, among other developments, the Supreme Court... (

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13 April 2011

United Press International

SANTIAGO, Chile - Chile is facing a domestic arms race with the rise in firearms acquisitions by the country's wealthy elite classes, national statical data showed. The upsurge in large-scale purchases of firearms by high net worth households contrasted with an overall decrease in the number of gun owners from 5.3 percent to 4.9 percent, the National Institute of Statistics said in its seventh National Urban Citizen Security Study. Crime is a major problem in some of... (

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13 April 2011

BBC News

Brazilian lawmakers say they will propose a national vote on whether to ban the sale of guns, after a deadly shooting at a school last week. The Senate leader said legislators would rush through a bill to allow a referendum to be held this autumn. A similar proposal in 2005 was rejected by voters and kept gun sales legal. Brazil observed three days of mourning after the attack on 7 April, in which a gunman shot dead 12 children in a school in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil... (

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United States

13 April 2011

USA Today

NEW YORK — It's a spring evening in Midtown Manhattan and Colin Goddard is working a reception on the top floor of the HBO building. Waiters carry trays of hors d'oeuvres through the crowd while Goddard, a 25-year-old who could model for a J.Crew catalog, chats amiably. He doesn't have to move much because people flutter around him. The lights flicker, and the crowd moves to a screening room to watch Gun Fight, a documentary on the nation's firearms debate. The film... (

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United States

13 April 2011

Atlantic (USA), TV preview

In her more than three decades as a filmmaker, Oscar-winner Barbara Kopple has made documentaries about Kentucky coal miners (Harlan County U.S.A.), the Yankees (The House of Steinbrenner), the Dixie Chicks (Shut Up and Sing), and more. Her latest project may be her most controversial yet: Gun Fight, a film about the gun rights debate in America that premieres tonight on HBO at 9:30. She spoke with The Atlantic about the shootings at Virginia Tech and in Tucson, her... (

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United States

13 April 2011

Times-Union (Florida)

A man is dead in what authorities described as an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound at a gun range in St. Johns County. Rescue workers were called to the Fraternal Order of Police range on Inman Road off Florida 16 about 10:55 a.m., said spokesman Jeremy Robshaw of St. Johns County Fire Rescue. The Sheriff's Office said Robert Allen Abbosh, 50, of Palm Valley was found lying in one of the shooting bays by other members who called 911. He was a registered... (

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United States

13 April 2011

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Virginia)

Gun control advocates fired back at Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli Wednesday following a legal opinion issued by Cuccinelli that says it's OK to bring guns to church in the name of self defense. Cuccinelli also says houses of worship have the right to bar weapons from their premises. Calling it "an extreme legal opinion," the group Virginians for Responsible Gun Laws blasted the opinion with statements from state Sen. A. Donald McEachin, D-Henrico and Rabbi... (

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