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Gun Policy News, 12 April 2011


12 April 2011

Forbes (USA)

Brazil's Ministry of Justice is calling on gun owners to turn in their arms. The government's disarmament campaign is voluntary and began back in 2005, but the justice department opted to start the campaign earlier and promote it more feverishly following the nation's first homicidal school shooting on April 7 in the Realengo neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. The disarmament campaign will start May 6 with the objective to take as many guns off the street as possible. The... (

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12 April 2011

Royal Gazette (Bermuda)

Bermuda could end up introducing a gun court with a panel of judges because jurors are appearing to show bias, according to National Security Minister Wayne Perinchief. Mr Perinchief believes some jury members have been intimidated in their decision-making while others may have allowed themselves to be influenced by whether a defendant has a criminal record. He says a panel of judges instead would ensure justice is served and police's work gathering evidence against... (

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United States

12 April 2011

CBS News (USA)

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence released an ad today calling on President Obama to come out more forcefully in support of a ban on the sort of high-capacity ammunition clips used by alleged shooter Jared Loughner in the January Tucson massacre. The 30-second spot, at left, features a narrator saying that "a magazine that allows a gun to fire 32 shots in 16 seconds is only good for one thing: killing a lot of people - fast." A man is then shown shooting at a... (

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12 April 2011

NTD-TV News (New York), Transcript

A group of protesters gather on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro - three days after 12 children were shot dead at a local school. They're calling on authorities to increase gun control measures. As red-stained Brazilian flags blow in the breeze - the activists hold signs with the names of the children who were lined up and shot point-blank. One demonstrator said security forces need to crack down on the availability of fire arms. [Antonio Costa, President, Toe... (

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United Kingdom

12 April 2011

BBC News

Two men have been been jailed for life for shooting dead a 16-year-old as she waited for pizza in an east London takeaway. What the jury did not know was the gun that killed her had been used in six other shootings. On a Wednesday evening in April last year, Agnes Sina-Inakoju met two friends at a chicken and pizza shop in Hoxton, east London. Agnes, who was described by her family as "charismatic, ambitious, loving and caring", had been doing well at school and had... (

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12 April 2011

Associated Press

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - Five days after Brazil's most lethal school shooting killed 12 children, Senate leaders decided Tuesday to rush a bill that would let the voters decide whether to forbid gun sales in South America's biggest country. Senate leader Jose Sarney said at a news conference that legislators would treat the matter with urgency so the issue could be put before Brazilian citizens this fall. The bill would have to be approved by both the Senate and the... (

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