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Gun Policy News, 8 April 2011

United States

8 April 2011


The Illinois House passed a bill on Friday that would allow gun owners to have their identities shielded from public disclosure. The legislation, sponsored by Republican Rep. Richard Morthland passed by 98-12 with wide bipartisan support in the Democratic-majority House. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has contended that the names and expiration dates on firearm owner identification cards should be available under the state's Freedom of Information Act. "We... (

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8 April 2011

Christian Science Monitor

Brazil is no stranger to urban mayhem, with street shootouts splashing the front pages of newspapers each day in the nation that tops the world in deaths by firearms. But Thursday's massacre of 12 children at school in western Rio de Janeiro has touched a nerve in this hardened nation. As families hold burial services today, Brazil is asking how such violence more associated with the United States became a reality here. As happened following the 2007 Virginia Tech... (

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United Kingdom

8 April 2011

Daily Mail (UK)

It is a fearsome array of weapons including a Kalashnikov, Uzi sub-machine gun, shotguns and pistols. But this astonishing arsenal was not seized from a gang of organised criminals, but the private collection of a fruit and veg trader. David Evans had claimed he only bought replica weapons to use for 'war games' in his loft, where he kitted out mannequins with imitation guns to recreate scenes from war movies such as Saving Private Ryan. But yesterday the... (

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United States

8 April 2011

Baltimore Sun

Baltimore's gun offender registry is unconstitutional, a Circuit Court judge ruled Friday, calling into question one of the city's signature programs against gun violence. Judge Alfred Nance said the Police Department had "failed or refused to comply" with establishing clear regulations for the registry, which required people convicted of gun crimes to provide addresses and other information with the city every six months for a period of three years. The city judge... (

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