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Gun Policy News, 5 April 2011

New Zealand

5 April 2011


The new Police Commissioner says he's not about to allow a gun on the hip of every New Zealand police officer. Commissioner Peter Marshall says arming officers will not increase their safety. Marshall, who started the job yesterday after taking over from Howard Broad who has retired, told ONE News that the officers he had spoken to did not want to carry guns. "What they want is greater access to firearms and I agree with that," he said. He said it's likely firearms... (

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5 April 2011

Toronto Star (Ontario), Editorial

Back on the merry-go-round, voters. The assault on Canada's gun laws has begun again. That Prime Minister Stephen Harper would pledge to get rid of the federal long-gun registry was inevitable. It works for him on two fronts: it plays to core Conservative supporters and creates divisions in the Liberal and NDP camps by pitting rural Canadians against urban "elites." Nothing could be better for a politician who has ratcheted up divisive politics to troubling... (

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United States

5 April 2011

Star-Gazette (New York)

BINGHAMTON -- Two years and a day after she was first regarded as a heroine, Shirley DeLucia broke her silence. In a written statement Monday, the receptionist who called 911 from underneath her desk after she was shot in the abdomen during the American Civic Association massacre urged Congress to pass a law banning high-capacity ammunition magazines, such as the one used by shooter Jiverly Wong in 2009. "How many mass shootings will it take for Congress to protect... (

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Morocco,Algeria,Syria,Tunisia,Egypt,Yemen,Bahrain,Libya,United Kingdom

5 April 2011

Associated Press

LONDON, United Kingdom - British lawmakers issued a critical report Tuesday showing that Britain approved sales of shotguns and tear gas to Libya, machine guns and sniper rifles to Bahrain and military technology to Yemen over the last three years. Parliament's foreign affairs, defense, international development and business committees said in a joint report that ministers failed to consider the implications of weapons sales to the Middle East and elsewhere. "Both the... (

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