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Gun Policy News, 1 April 2011


1 April 2011

Guardian (UK)

Pushing through the emergency department's rubber-coated swing doors, Dr Luiz Sérgio Verbicaro threw open his arms as if welcoming guests to his new home. Before him a huddle of bored-looking medics made small talk around a table in a corner of the otherwise empty department. Outside, the ambulance bay was deserted. "It is good – and abnormal," said Verbicaro, 60, a veteran surgeon and the director of the Getúlio Vargas hospital in northern Rio de Janeiro, until... (

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United States

1 April 2011

Christian Science Monitor, Opinion

Remember the Bradys? Not the bunch, but the dedicated couple that has pushed gun control for decades. Thirty years ago, Jim Brady was shot in the head as part of the assassination attempt on President Reagan by John Hinckley. At the time, Mr. Brady was the president's press secretary. This week, Brady – in a wheelchair – and his wife, Sarah, visited the Capitol and White House to again advocate for restrictions on guns. One marvels that they have not yet given up.... (

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