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Gun Policy News, 20 January 2011

United States

20 January 2011

WTAE-TV News (Pennsylvania)

PITTSBURGH - A suburban police officer in Allegheny County surrendered Wednesday afternoon to face charges connected to the death of his young son, who investigators believe accidentally killed himself with the officer's gun. John Thompson is a part-time police officer in the small southern borough of Liberty and a police officer in nearby Port Vue. He was arraigned on charges of involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of children,... (

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20 January 2011

NineMSN News (Australia)

A "white supremacist" has been permitted to own a handgun despite strong objections from police, the Firearms Registry and a psychiatrist's clinical assessment. Darryl Potts, who has been ruled a possible risk to public safety by a psychiatrist, had his firearms and pistol licences revoked by police after he displayed "white supremacy views" to officers during a domestic violence dispute in 2009. But the Administrative Decisions Tribunal has ruled Mr Potts is not... (

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United States

20 January 2011

Agence France Presse

WASHINGTON — There has been no major shift in US public opinion about the role of guns in America after the shooting of a US member of congress in Arizona, according to a poll out Wednesday. A Pew Research Center poll showed that 49 percent of people polled say it is more important to protect the right of Americans to own guns than to control them, against 46 percent who prioritize gun control. In September 2010, 50 percent of those polled prioritized laws for gun... (

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United States

20 January 2011

New York Times

LAS VEGAS — In a sea of rifles, handguns, knives and ammunition, thousands of gun enthusiasts gathered here Wednesday for the annual Shot Show, the nation's largest gun trade show, where the convention's sponsors decried gun laws and said there was something else to blame for the Jan. 8 deadly shooting rampage in Tucson: the mental health system. The Shot Show sponsors as well as several exhibitors and others attending the sprawling event rejected suggestions of a... (

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United States

20 January 2011

Orlando Sentinel (Florida), Column

On Sunday, we took a look at freshman legislator Jason Brodeur's far-out idea to arrest and fine doctors who ask their patients questions about gun safety. Based on the overwhelming response — from everyone from pediatricians to die-hard gun lovers — most people agreed that, if this idea were any fringier, it'd be hanging on the curtains. But now another group of doctors has raised a new concern that Brodeur's proposal may be more than just extremism run amok …... (

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United States

20 January 2011

St Petersburg Times (Florida), Column

Out in Tucson the blood on the sidewalks in barely dry. Yet one would think the Florida Legislature is vying to become the candlelight memorial capital of the country. We've already established to the rest of the nation that Florida leads the way when it comes to the vast numbers of crazies strolling the streets. And that's just Tallahassee. And to ensure the state's penchant for turning incredibly insane ideas into laws, this year's Legislature, a wholly owned... (

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United States

20 January 2011

ABC News (Australia)

The SHOT Show, the world's largest gun trade show and conference, began this week in Las Vegas, 10 days after an assassination attempt on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., in neighboring Arizona led to six deaths. Gun control advocates criticized the timing of the show so soon after the shooting of Giffords, D-Ariz., and amid a resulting amplification of the country's ongoing gun debate. This is the 33rd annual SHOT Show, which traditionally begins in the month of... (

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20 January 2011

Daily Times (Lahore) / APP

KARACHI - Activists of civil society and businessmen have called for one point agenda - a complete deweaponisation of the city to control the ongoing target killing in Karachi. They are strongly advocating for combing the city to rid it of weapons and ammunition. Deweaponisation should be across-the-board and all over the city to get rid of the recurrence of violence in the economic hub of the country. They also called upon political parties not to patronise and... (

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