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Gun Policy News, 6 January 2011

United States

6 January 2011

Press Association (UK)

A teenager who opened fire at a Nebraska high school on Wednesday, killing an assistant principal before shooting himself dead, left a message on Facebook which could offer clues as to why he turned violent. Robert Butler Jr, 17, also wounded the principal at Millard South High School in Omaha before fleeing the scene and shooting himself in his car about a mile away. Assistant principal Vicki Kaspar, 58, died at Creighton University Medical Centre on Wednesday... (

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South Africa

6 January 2011

Eyewitness News (South Africa)

An amendment to the Firearms Control Act which kicks in on Monday, patches a loophole which allowed people to own muzzle-loading firearms without licences. National Police Commissioner General Bheki Cele announced several changes to the act at a briefing in Pretoria on Thursday morning. Muzzle-loading firearm owners, mostly hunters and antique enthusiasts, have one year to apply for competency certificates. Cele said these types of weapons were excluded in the... (

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United States

6 January 2011

BBC News

A US student who shot two school officials, killing one, had been suspended for 19 days just before the attack, officials have said. Robert Butler, who killed himself after the attack at his Nebraska school, had just been punished for driving over the school football pitch. Police said the gun he used belonged to his father, an Omaha police detective. No other students were injured in the attack. The school principal is in hospital and is expected to... (

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United States

6 January 2011

Boston Globe

A chilling video shown in Hampden Superior Court today captured the moment an 8-year-old boy from Connecticut fatally shot himself with an Uzi submachine gun at a 2008 gun show in western Massachusetts. The video, which showed the boy squeezing the trigger and the automatic weapon suddenly tilting upward and then backward in his small hands before he apparently shot himself, elicited shrieks from shocked spectators in the courtroom and the jury box. Christopher... (

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United States

6 January 2011

Nashua Telegraph (New Hampshire), Editorial

If you are one of those people who aren't comfortable around people carrying concealed weapons, you might want to think twice before attending a legislative hearing this session. That's because the first major actions taken by the new Republican-dominated Legislature cleared the way for individuals to carry firearms in the Statehouse complex in general and onto the floor of the House of Representatives in particular. On Tuesday, the Joint Legislative Facilities... (

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United States

6 January 2011

Walton Sun (Florida)

PANAMA CITY — A former Washington County commissioner and his son were sentenced to prison Wednesday for selling firearms to a convicted felon. Federal Judge Richard Smoak sentenced the former commissioner, Ronnie B. Finch, and son Victor to six months in prison, three years probation and fined $3,000. The two defendants had signed a plea agreement with federal prosecutors in November after they allegedly sold firearms to a convicted felon. According to court... (

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United States

6 January 2011

Union Leader (New Hampshire)

CONCORD – Republicans started off the year by allowing guns in and around the New Hampshire House chambers Wednesday, and starting an ouster attempt against a leading Democrat. The change in gun policy reverses a long-standing ban on firearms in Representatives Hall and adjacent areas. Republicans supported the change in a loud voice vote. Democrats tried to win a ban on deadly weapons in the House gallery area, but were defeated by the three-to-one GOP majority.... (

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