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Gun Policy News, 5 January 2011

United States,Mexico

5 January 2011

National Public Radio (USA)

In the past four years, more than 30,000 people have been killed by gunfire in Mexico. But the guns don't originate in Mexico. The one gun store in the country, located in Mexico City, is operated by the Mexican military and under very tight security. Instead, the thousands of guns used by Mexican drug cartels trickle in through the United States. Since 2006, more than 60,000 of the weapons used in Mexican crimes have been traced back to the U.S. For the past year,... (

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United States

5 January 2011

WCVB-TV News (Boston)

LOWELL, Massachusetts - Federal and state investigators are searching for a large collection of 40 guns and rifles that were stolen from a Lowell home and which they fear may soon be out on the streets. The weapons were stolen from a two-family home at 9 Dublin St. earlier this week, the thieves breaking into the home to find the weapons that were stored in a homemade vault in the basement. The handguns, rifles and some other high-powered weapons were taken, and... (

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5 January 2011

New York Times

BEIJING — Two men wielding a shotgun and a homemade pistol fatally shot three police officers and an assistant and staged a series of carjackings in a city in northeastern China, state news media reported Wednesday, a rare example of gun violence in a nation where average citizens are largely barred from owning firearms. The episode in Tai'an, a city in Shandong Province, left five others wounded after officers and assistants of the city public security bureau... (

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United States,Mexico

5 January 2011

Los Angeles Times, Editorial

Mexico has some of the strictest gun laws in the hemisphere. Citizens are permitted to buy low-caliber firearms for self-protection or hunting, but only after a background check and approval by the defense ministry; they must also purchase the guns directly from the ministry. The goal of this parsimonious approach to allotting firearms is a society free from gun violence. Unfortunately for Mexico, however, its weapons management strategy is sabotaged by an accident of... (

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United States

5 January 2011

Associated Press / Des Moines Register (Iowa)

DES MOINES, Iowa — Gun owners and potential gun owners are flocking to sheriff's offices across Iowa in the wake of a new state law that requires sheriffs under most circumstances to issue permits to carry concealed weapons. According to The Des Moines Register, several sheriffs' offices reported receiving 10 to 20 times as many applications on Monday as they do most days. The new law, which took effect last Saturday, limits the discretion local sheriffs previously... (

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