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Gun Policy News, 27 August 2010


27 August 2010

Telegraph-Journal (New Brunswick)

ST. STEPHEN - In St. Stephen provincial court, a judge fined a Texas resident $1,500 for attempting to bring a loaded gun into Canada. Charles Heston Scholl, a 61-year-old airline pilot, pleaded guilty to failing to declare a Glock pistol at the St. Stephen border crossing Aug. 13. Scholl and his wife presented themselves at the entry point to Canada, on their way to the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton, N.S., at 2:45 p.m., federal Crown prosecutor Peter Thorn said in... (

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27 August 2010

Times Colonist (British Columbia), Editorial

The government's approach to the gun registry helps explain the Conservatives' failure to win enough voters to form a majority government. Leave aside, for a moment, the core question of whether the registry should be retained or abolished. MPs are to make a decision on that on Sept. 22. With the vote expected to be close, they should be seeking -- and the government providing -- all the information needed to make a smart, informed choice. Instead, the Conservatives... (

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27 August 2010

Toronto Star (Ontario)

Even though Bill C-391 is not expected to be back before Parliament until late next month, critics are not holding their fire over the Conservative government's bid to scrap the long-gun registry. That's because, this month, the head of the RCMP firearms program Marty Cheliak, a supporter of the registry, was inexplicably dumped. The nation's police chiefs unanimously endorsed the registry at their annual convention. Emergency room doctors once again spoke out because... (

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United States

27 August 2010

US News & World Report

The National Rifle Association, already on high alert over gun control rumors, has gone to battle stations to fight a new scheme before the Environmental Protection Agency to restrict hunters and anglers from using lead bullets, shot and sinkers. Chief NRA lobbyist Chris Cox charges in a letter to the EPA that the effort amounts to "a vehicle to implement gun control" and could end hunting by most who can't afford the higher priced alternatives to lead. At issue:... (

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27 August 2010

Stock & Land (Australia)

A gun supplier, an ethanol producer and the Sporting Shooters Association are among the donors to two of the independent MPs who say they want to improve election funding laws. According to The Australian Financial Review, Tony Windsor reported to the Australian Electoral Commission that, ahead of the 2007 election, he had received $123,850 from 174 donors, including $50,000 from ethanol producer the Manildra Group. Bob Katter declared $82,731 from 130 donors in 2007.... (

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