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Gun Policy News, 26 August 2010

United States,Russia,Thailand

26 August 2010

Associated Press

BANGKOK — A suspected Russian arms dealer known as "The Merchant of Death" has been transferred to a high-security prison in the Thai capital pending his extradition to the United States, authorities said Tuesday. A Thai appeals court last week ordered Viktor Bout's extradition within three months to face four terrorism-related charges in the U.S. Neither American nor Thai officials have said when exactly he will be extradited or specified the bureaucratic steps... (

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26 August 2010

Montreal Gazette (Quebec), Opinion

There's a very good chance that a private member's bill will be adopted by Parliament within weeks that would abolish the registry of rifles and shotguns owned by Canadians. Imagine, if you will, the average car owner trying to use the same arguments as gun owners for refusing to register their weapons, to fight storage regulations and to push for dismantling the gun registry. The following arguments were lifted from numerous pro-gun blogs and websites about the... (

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26 August 2010

Canadian Press

OTTAWA - The Harper government has adopted a deliberate strategy of hiding information from Canadians in order to advance a right-wing social and justice agenda, Liberals charge. Liberal MP John McCallum pointed Thursday to two recent examples to prove the point: The government's decision to scrap the mandatory long-form census and its refusal to release a favourable report on the effectiveness of the long-gun registry. He called the approach "a triumph of ignorance... (

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United States

26 August 2010

WTAM Radio News (Ohio)

CHESTERLAND -- In what seems like a well-orchestrated theft, someone has stolen 58 handguns from a firearms dealer in Geauga County, by smashing a van through the store's front wall. Chester Township police chief Mark Purchase says the thieves got into Great Lakes Outdoor Supply on Mayfield Road by smashing a van through the front of the building, while at the same time diverting the attention of police by having a woman call 911 to report a phony domestic violence... (

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United States

26 August 2010 (Michigan)

An Adrian firearms dealer facing a federal gun charge admitted to giving a 10 percent discount to "all Hutaree members," federal prosecutors allege in a court filing. In addition, 53-year-old Walter Priest acknowledged to FBI agents on Feb. 27 that he is an acquaintance of Hutaree leader David Stone, who considers Priest a member of the militia group, the filing says. Priest indicated to investigators that "he does not consider himself" to be a Hutaree member, records... (

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United States

26 August 2010

KFOR-TV News (Oklahoma)

A metro couple has a serious close call after getting tucked in for the night. They awoke to the sound of gunfire and found a bullet had whizzed right past them while in bed. The 5-year-old boy's mother, Savina, said, "Right as my oldest son was saying 'Mama, Bruce is in your room,' I heard a loud noise. I didn't know what it was." Savina was in the kitchen with her children cooking dinner when she heard gunfire coming from inside her house. She lifted the blanket... (

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