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Gun Policy News, 5 August 2010

United States

5 August 2010

New York Times

MANCHESTER, Connecticut — They were burly men who supported their families with an all-American pursuit: getting kegs and cases of Budweiser from the warehouse to store shelves and saloons. Husbands and fathers, even a grandfather among them, they had collectively held their jobs for well over a century at a family-owned business that had been remarkably stable. They drove trucks and operated forklifts at Hartford Distributors here. A few of them were hanging on for... (

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United States

5 August 2010

Associated Press

MANCHESTER, Connecticut — The warehouse driver who fatally shot eight co-workers and himself at a beer distributorship apparently targeted managers who had hired a private detective to tail him and forced him to resign because he stole beer from work, police said Wednesday. Omar Thornton's girlfriend, meanwhile, told The Associated Press that he had complained of racial harassment and had shared evidence of it with her: photos of racist bathroom graffiti and a... (

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United States

5 August 2010

Agence France Presse

NEW YORK — The US man who shot dead eight people after being sacked from a beer depot ran after his victims as they hid in offices, closets and the parking lot, emergency police calls revealed. A total of 20 calls were made to the 911 number from terrified workers at Hartford Distributors in the town of Manchester, Connecticut, as Omar Thornton, 34, went on the rampage Tuesday. "I got shot," the company's executive, Steve Hollander, tells police from an office where... (

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United States,Canada

5 August 2010

Calgary Sun (Alberta)

One of the biggest caches of smuggled firearms seized at Alberta's border with Montana included a troubling rarity — fully automatic weapons, say law enforcement officials. Last Sunday, a Canadian resident of Colorado crossing into Canada at Coutts raised the suspicions of officers, said Gary Selk, chief of operations for the Canada Border Services Agency in southern Alberta. "His story of his reason in coming to Canada was incongruent and the officers then did a... (

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United States

5 August 2010

Houston Chronicle (Texas)

Liberty County Sheriff's Capt. Harry Kelley has been indicted on charges stemming from a federal probe into an illegal firearms-trafficking scheme involving 500 missing weapons from an evidence property room. Kelley, 55, is charged with illegally possessing and selling at least 103 stolen firearms, including two with illegally obliterated serial numbers. He also is accused of conspiracy and mail fraud by helping a Humble gun shop owner acquire Glock training pistols... (

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United States

5 August 2010

New York Daily News

Guns are blazing in Brownsville. After a rash of gun violence rocked the neighborhood last month, residents said they are scared to come out of their homes and are changing their routines to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. "I'm afraid," said stay-at-home mom Yasmine Davis, 32, who lives on New Lots Ave. and drops to the floor of her apartment whenever she hears gunshots. "You'll hear a gun blast (and) all you can do is duck," said Davis. "I have plenty of... (

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United States,Canada

5 August 2010

Lethbridge Herald (Alberta)

A pistol known on the street as a "cop killer" and body armour-piercing bullets are among numerous automatic and semi-automatic weapons seized recently at the Coutts border crossing. A Canadian man living in Colorado is in custody and is to appear in Lethbridge court today on 49 firearms charges stemming from the Aug. 1 arrest of a man who tried to smuggle 11 guns and about 300 rounds of ammunition into Canada in a travel trailer. The weapons seized include seven... (

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5 August 2010

Western Producer (Canada), Opinion

Many public health advocates believe that scrapping the long-gun registry would open the door to increases in suicides, domestic violence and murders against women. As chair of the standing committee on Public Safety and National Security, I have received letters from doctors, nurses, and women's rights groups that suggest passing Bill C-391 to eliminate the registry would increase crime. This short-sighted conclusion is not supported by either statistical analysis or... (

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5 August 2010

Vanguard (Lagos)

JOS — The Plateau State Police Command has arrested 11 persons for allegedly specializing in stealing police service rifles and selling them. The principal suspect, Nanfir Nanfa allegedly broke into the homes of a sergeant and a constable to steal two AK 47 rifles and sold them. Parading the suspects on Wednesday, state Police Commissioner, Mr. Ikechukwu Aduba said the gun stealing syndicate was smashed through intelligence reports while another four-man gang of... (

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