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Gun Policy News, 2 August 2010


2 August 2010

Sydney Morning Herald

The NSW Police have sought to allay fears about an increase in gun violence in Sydney, after three people were shot, one fatally, over the weekend. "Any incident involving a firearm in a public place is worrying to me because I know it worries the community," Deputy Commissioner Dave Owens told a press conference today. "We do not want members of the public injured and we're going to stop it." Yesterday, a man in his late 20s was killed by at least two shots while... (

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United States

2 August 2010

The Hill (Washington DC)

The Supreme Court nomination of Elena Kagan presents a political conundrum to the National Rifle Association (NRA), one of the nation's most powerful grassroots lobbying groups. Republicans lawmakers and conservative activists fear Kagan will emerge as a strong voice on the high court against gun-ownership rights. But five Republican senators have pledged to vote for Kagan, making her a shoo-in for confirmation. This puts the NRA in the tricky position of having to... (

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