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Gun Policy News, 19 June 2010

United States

19 June 2010

WJLA-TV News (Washington, DC)

WASHINGTON - Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and Rep. Travis Childers (D-MS) are pushing a bill in Congress that would make it easier to carry guns on DC streets and would legalize the long-banned AK-47 assault rifles. Parents and families of the victims of the recent deadly DC mass shooting went to Capitol Hill Friday to deliver a message: No More Guns. They are demanding tougher gun laws in their neighborhoods. Not weaker ones. And they asked for help in fighting... (

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United States

19 June 2010

New York Times, Editorial

It's no surprise to political realists that once Sharron Angle secured the Republican nomination for the United States Senate in Nevada as a Tea Party insurgent, she would soften some of her most pugnacious stances. Sure enough, she is toning down her calls for abolishing the energy and education departments, phasing out Social Security and repealing the income tax. But Ms. Angle has shown no inclination to explain or alter her most alarming rhetoric — her repeated... (

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19 June 2010

Vecernje Novosti (Belgrade)

More than 50,000 people in Serbia, apart from the army and the police, carry arms every day. The third armed force in the country is made up of employees of hundreds of private companies that provide security services. Although this sector has been growing for years, it may only be expected to be regulated by a separate law in autumn. Owners of security companies are united in claiming that there are many problems - from agencies that operate on the black market... (

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