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Gun Policy News, 14 June 2010

United States

14 June 2010

Christian Science Monitor

CHICAGO - Every spring, Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley stands before a table full of confiscated firearms and urges federal and state lawmakers to pass new gun-control measures that he says will keep streets safer. This year, there's a twist: Mayor Daley is at risk of losing a gun-control law he already has. By the end of June, the US Supreme Court is slated to decide whether the city's 28-year ban on handguns – the last of its kind in the nation – is... (

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United States

14 June 2010

Security Director News (USA)

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana — Legislators are getting more involved in determining the best way for houses of worship to protect their parishioners. On June 8, a Louisiana Senate committee voted down a bill that would have authorized the leader of a house of worship to designate individuals qualified to carry guns inside the facility. The bill passed the House 74-18 on May 13. Rep. Henry Burns, the sponsor of House Bill 68, told The Times-Picayune that the bill was... (

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United States

14 June 2010

Post-Standard (New York), Opinion

As police officers, we stand on the front line in the fight to keep our communities safe. We know how criminals operate, and we know firsthand how new technology can help break a case. More important, we know what happens when we are forced to rely on outdated technology: Crimes go unsolved and criminals walk free. Today, when the only piece of evidence left at a crime scene is a spent shell casing, police investigations often hit a dead end. That's because existing... (

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14 June 2010

Mudgee Guardian (New South Wales)

Mudgee has more firearms licence holders per head of population than any major town in New South Wales according to a NSW Police report to the NSW Government and recorded in Hansard on April 20 this year. The report, which recorded firearm licences by postcode area shows that Mudgee (postcode 2850) has 1862 firearms licence holders. Only Tamworth (2794), Goulburn (2049), Bathurst (2528), Orange (2278), Dubbo (2193) and Wagga Wagga (2107) have more firearms licence... (

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United States

14 June 2010

Tennessean (Nashville)

FRANKLIN — Once again, Williamson County commissioners have voted to ban guns from all county-owned parks — but this time, the ban is permanent. On Monday night, commissioners voted 19-5 in favor of a resolution that prohibits anyone, including handgun carry permit holders, from bringing a firearm into a park. Before voting, commissioners heard impassioned pleas from residents on both sides of the issue. "The right to self-defense doesn't end at a park boundary,... (

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United States

14 June 2010

Boston Globe, Blog

Whenever I breathe even a word about guns in this space or other media outlets, I can usually expect a rapid-fire barrage of irate comments or e-mails from gun advocates. I'm surprised they can afford so much free time away from keeping their firearms collections well polished. These attacks presume much about my position on gun control, often making some dismissive reference to my "ilk." Well, I'd like to clear the air of lingering gun smoke. A few bullet points may... (

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