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Gun Policy News, 7 June 2010


7 June 2010

Sydney Morning Herald

The National Coalition for Gun Control says increasing pressure on the NSW government may force it into legislative negotiations with the Shooters Party, which will weaken gun control. Particularly alarming, it says, are moves to reduce licensing disqualification from 10 to five years following domestic violence orders, and overturning the automatic removal of domestic violence offenders' firearms to be at the police's discretion. The bill also removes the 28-day... (

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7 June 2010

Manila Bulletin

The country's human rights watchdog is not convinced that a gun ban would solve the problem of the proliferation of firearms. Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Chairwoman Leila M. de Lima told participants of the National Firearms Control Program Consultative Summit at Camp Crame last Friday that the commission "supports the proposition that the current gun ban should be extended, but only to the extent that it paves the way towards a radical change in the enforcement... (

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United States

7 June 2010

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin)

SHAWANO — From almost the time it opened in 1998, Shawano Gun and Loan has been in trouble with federal authorities. After repeatedly warning the store about missing records and other violations, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives took the unusual step of revoking its license in 2007. Nearly three years later, the case is tied up in federal court in Green Bay where an appeal could grind on for years. And the store continues to sell guns -... (

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United States

7 June 2010

Chicago Tribune, Editorial

Back in the 1980s, people did lots of things that might seem hard to understand today. Women sported big hair and shoulder pads. Pop music fans listened to New Kids on the Block. Motorists bought the Yugo, which has been rated one of the worst cars ever built. And Chicago passed a law barring residents from acquiring handguns. We can't justify those other developments, but the handgun law passed with the Tribune's support. It was a reasonable attempt to keep guns out... (

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Mexico,United States

7 June 2010

State Column (USA)

Guns may be making their way into the hands of cartel members and violence may be increasing on the Texas-Mexico border, but that is not stopping Texas lawmakers from keeping guns accessible. A major gun bill is making its way through the Texas statehouse, which, in the midst of growing concern over the border, raises the question of "why now?" Texas lawmakers continue to consider a bill that would expand the right of gun owners to open carry. While Texas residents... (

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United States

7 June 2010

CBS News (USA)

CHICAGO - The murder rate in Chicago is up so far this year, even though most other crime is down. Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis said Sunday that the homicide rate is up 3.8 percent this year compared with last. A news release on May crime statistics acknowledged, but downplayed, the drop in the homicide rate. The release said the 164 homicides recorded through May of this year were six more than those in the same period last year. Also, the total murders in May of... (

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