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Gun Policy News, 1 June 2010


1 June 2010


YONGZHOU, Hunan - A man killed himself after shooting three judges dead and injuring another three judges in a local court office Tuesday in central China's Hunan Province, said local authorities. The incident happened at about 10:05 a.m. at Lingling District People's Court in Yongzhou City, said the city's public security department. The gunman, Zhu Jun, barged into an office on the fourth floor of the court building. He shot the judges in the office before killing... (

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South Africa

1 June 2010

South African Press Association

A 25-year-old woman was shot dead by her ex-boyfriend before he shot himself in Tweefontein Village, Mpumalanga police said on Tuesday. Warrant Officer Patrick Mabena said the 28-year-old man visited his ex-lover at her home in section A on Monday afternoon. "A heated argument broke out between the duo. The man drew a firearm that he apparently stole from his father and shot the woman once in the head. "He then turned the gun on himself and blew his head up with one... (

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1 June 2010

Philippine Daily Inquirer

TACLOBAN CITY, Philippines — Police in Eastern Visayas support calls to extend the election ban on carrying firearms outside residences, saying it helped lower the region's crime rate. Senior Superintendent Manuel Cubillo, information officer of the Philippine National Police in Eastern Visayas, said on Monday that the regional police favored the extension of the gun ban, which they credited for generally peaceful elections in the region. Cubillo said there were... (

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United States

1 June 2010

Intelligencer Journal (Pennsylvania) / Lancaster New Era (Pennsylvania)

When a Lebanon soccer mom wore a holstered handgun to her daughter's soccer game in 2008, it raised a firestorm of debate over the rights of individuals to bear arms in public spaces. Now, some Lancaster County municipalities are revising local ordinances to allow — or, at least, not specifically forbid — guns on municipal property. "The Constitution is still the law of the land," said David Dumeyer, chairman of West Hempfield Township supervisors. Some... (

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United States

1 June 2010

Associated Press

SACRAMENTO, California - Citing safety concerns, the California Assembly passed a bill Tuesday that would make it illegal to openly carry a gun in public, even if it is unloaded. The bill would make it a misdemeanor to carry an exposed handgun on any public street or in a public place. The bill passed on a 41-25 party-line vote and now moves to the Senate. Under current California law, gun owners can carry a rifle or handgun in a holster in public if it is... (

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United States,Canada

1 June 2010

La Presse (Montréal)

[Translated summary: Of 2,777 illegal weapons seized at the Canadian border, 83% were smuggled by American tourists. Of the firearms confiscated, 72% were easily concealable handguns.] OTTAWA - Les touristes américains qui viennent au Canada n'apportent pas que leurs dollars. Plusieurs d'entre eux tentent de franchir la frontière munis de leurs armes à feu. En fait, la majorité des armes à feu saisies par les douaniers canadiens appartiennent à des voyageurs... (

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1 June 2010

Record (Ontario), Editorial

The federal Conservatives have some explaining to do about the way they apparently hid a 2008 report on the gun registry until after a key vote in the House of Commons. Now, this strategy has seems to have backfired on the government. By law, the government was supposed to table the report to Parliament within 15 sitting days after receiving it. The office of Peter Van Loan, the minister of public safety last year, had said the minister received the report on Oct. 9,... (

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United States

1 June 2010

Los Angeles Times, Blog

The California Assembly voted Tuesday to ban openly carrying handguns in public. Lawmakers approved the bill as some gun rights activists celebrate their constitutional right to bear firearms by walking the streets with pistols strapped to their hips, like gunslingers from the Wild West. Should the bill become law, that practice would become a crime. Supporters of the bill, including author Lori Saldana (D-San Diego), argued that the practice intimidates the unarmed... (

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1 June 2010

Australian Associated Press

A reformed bikie caught with an arsenal of weapons and ammunition stashed in a secret cupboard at his Adelaide home has been jailed for more than six years. Police found eight guns and more than 3000 rounds of ammunition, hidden in the wall cavity of the laundry at the suburban North Haven address where William John Davis, 51, lived in 2006. He was a member of the Finks bikie gang at the time and said he feared for his safety because of a dispute with a rival bikie... (

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