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Gun Policy News, 27 May 2010


27 May 2010

Business Mirror (Philippines)

Director General Jesus Verzosa, National Police chief, said on Wednesday the government may just opt for stricter gun control, rather than extending the gun ban, as the police works to strike a balance between personal security and the campaign against criminality. The gun ban, which, according to Verzosa, has bagged some 3,000 violators, was implemented on January 10 by virtue of a resolution from the Commission on Elections and will expire on June 9. Buoyed by its... (

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Colombia,United Nations

27 May 2010

Associated Press

GENEVA - Colombian security forces committed "a significant number" of murders over the past decade, often for personal profit, and few of the perpetrators have been punished, according to a report published Thursday by an independent U.N. human rights expert. Philip Alston, the U.N.'s investigator on extrajudicial executions, said in his 36-page report that the number of so-called "false positive" killings by military members surged in 2004. The term refers to... (

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27 May 2010

Advertiser (Adelaide), Editorial

Isolated incidents in the past week could leave many with the impression that South Australia is wracked with mindless violence. The raids carried out on the Agape cult provide yet another chapter in the wacky crimes catalogue for which the state has become known. Just as right-minded South Australians recovered from that shock, on Tuesday two young policemen narrowly escaped death or serious injury when they were lured into a trap at Paralowie. On the same day two... (

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27 May 2010

RT-TV Novosti (Russia)

Finland has one of the highest concentrations of gun owners per capita in the world. However, after three deadly shooting sprees in the past couple of years, campaigners say it is about time the issue was reassessed. Gun shop owner Mika Nevalainen says the only gun-related problem he knows of is that not enough people are buying them. Nonetheless, there is a stream of customers coming into his weapons shop in central Helsinki. With a population of just over five... (

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United States

27 May 2010

Detroit Free Press

Before a 14-year-old girl accused of shooting a 13-year-old girl during an altercation Tuesday can return to her Detroit home, her guardians must pledge there are no firearms in the home. So ruled Wayne County Juvenile Court Referee Kelly Ramsey on Wednesday, as she decided the girl could be released on a $25,000 bond on charges of assault with intent to commit murder and using a firearm to commit a felony. National experts in criminology at the University of... (

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United States,United Nations

27 May 2010

Washington Times, Editorial

American gun owners might not feel besieged, but they should. This week, the Obama administration announced its support for the United Nations Small Arms Treaty. This international agreement poses real risks for freedom both in the United States and around the world by making it more difficult - if not outright illegal - for law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. The U.N. claims that guns used in armed conflicts cause 300,000 deaths worldwide every year, an... (

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United States

27 May 2010

Chicago Tribune

As an 80-year-old Army veteran, his wife and great-grandson slept in their Humboldt Park home just before dawn Wednesday, a would-be burglar busted a basement window, crawled over discarded bikes and paint buckets, and made his way up winding stairs to an enclosed porch. The intruder -- who police said wore stockings over his hands to keep from leaving prints -- wiggled the brass doorknob of the locked door that led to the first-floor apartment, but it didn't open, the... (

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United States

27 May 2010

Los Angeles Times

WASHINGTON - In her first weeks as dean of Harvard Law School in 2003, Elena Kagan put the warring sides of the gun rights debate in a room and let them fight it out. The debate between gun control advocates and 2nd Amendment purists was sponsored by the law school's target shooting club, and Kagan showed her support by moderating the exchange. But her own views on gun rights went unaired. With her Supreme Court confirmation pending, those views have become of extreme... (

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United States

27 May 2010

Wisconsin Law Journal (USA)

In a rare en banc hearing, the Seventh Circuit considered the constitutionality of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(9), which makes it a federal crime to possess a firearm after having been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. A three-judge panel, in an opinion by Judge Diane S. Sykes, vacated a conviction under the statute in November, concluding that the government failed to establish a reasonable fit between reducing domestic gun violence and total disarmament of... (

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United States

27 May 2010

Columbus Dispatch (Ohio)

Cleveland police detective Stephen Loomis didn't mince words in blasting a legislative proposal that would allow holders of concealed-carry permits to take guns into bars, sporting events and restaurants that sell alcohol. "I have spent a career dealing with problems in bars, nightclubs, entertainment-district restaurants and men's clubs, and I can tell you without doubt or hesitation the introduction of firearms … will result in the senseless loss of human life,"... (

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