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Gun Policy News, 14 May 2010

United States

14 May 2010

Charlotte Observer (North Carolina)

It's the kind of event where you can consider life's possibilities with your own .50 caliber long-range sniper rifle, accurate up to a mile. Only $5,299, if you have the right permit and the ability to take a recoil strong enough to shake dust from the ceiling tiles. Not one, but several models are displayed today through Sunday at the Charlotte Convention Center, as part of the National Rifle Association convention. If that strikes you as unusual, you obviously... (

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United States

14 May 2010

Patriot-News (Pennsylvania)

The state law that lets just about anybody openly carry a loaded gun anywhere is butting up against municipal laws that outlaw guns from local parks where children play. Upper Allen Township is reversing its ban on guns in parks after a resident wrote officials that the ordinance is illegal. Manager Lou Fazekas said officials were aware earlier that the ban is at odds with the state's Uniform Firearms Act, but decided against taking action until a resident raised a... (

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14 May 2010

San Francisco Chronicle

Chinese police may use firearms to prevent more attacks on schoolchildren, the official Xinhua News Agency said, citing a government spokesman, after a series of assaults left more than a dozen students dead. "If offenders dare to attempt such crimes again, the police will enforce the law firmly without hesitation, in line with the Criminal Law and police code of using guns and other weapons," Wu Heping, spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security, was cited as... (

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New Zealand

14 May 2010

New Zealand Press Association

Police officers and members of the public will die because official policies restrict police access to firearms, Police Association president Greg O'Connor predicts. One year after policeman Len Snee was shot dead by Napier gunman Jan Molenaar, Mr O'Connor said more people would die because police would be unable to respond to an armed offender as firearms were not available. In the latest issue of the association magazine Police News, he said assaults on police had... (

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United Kingdom,Ireland

14 May 2010

Belfast Telegraph

A rocket launcher seized yesterday in the Republic was the same as one used by the Real IRA in an attack on MI6 headquarters in London 10 years ago. Two loaded rocket launchers were seized by gardai yesterday, both of which were capable of destroying an armoured van or the homes of feuding gangsters. The disposable launchers, seized along with a cocaine shipment, can be discarded after being used only once. It is the first time gardai have found rocket launchers in... (

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Sierra Leone

14 May 2010

Awoko (Freetown)

The Sierra Leone Action Network on Small Arms (SLANSA) has urged the government of Sierra Leone to support the UN Firearms Protocol meeting in New York on June 18 this year. SLANSA Coordinator Florella Hazeley told reporters yesterday that the protocol is the only binding global agreement on firearms which are too easily smuggled across national borders. She added "we urge the government to review and harmonize laws on firearms and domestic violence and domestic... (

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14 May 2010

Globe & Mail (Toronto)

Candice Hoeppner is an asset, not a headache, for Stephen Harper, succeeding where other women in his caucus have failed – Lisa Raitt and Helena Guergis come to mind. A year ago Saturday, the 45-year-old mother of three and rookie Manitoba MP introduced a private member's bill to fulfill a long-held Conservative promise to scrap the long-gun registry. Last November it passed second reading with the help of eight Liberal and 12 New Democrat MPs. Now in committee, her... (

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14 May 2010

SEESAC (Belgrade) / RTA

After two confrontations with renegades, the Police cracked down on Tetovo Novo Selo again, arrested four persons and seized a number of weapons, ammunition and explosives. The situation in Macedonia is stable, KFOR reinforced its fast intervention units in the region of Sar Planina. A minimum three persons were arrested in the night action of Macedonian special units in Novo Selo, near Tetovo, a town on the west of the country, only two days after the most serious... (

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