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Gun Policy News, 23 April 2010


23 April 2010

Globe & Mail (Toronto)

Wayne Easter was driving back to his office from a funeral Thursday when he stopped to fill up on gas and grab a coffee at a Tim Hortons near Winsloe, PEI. It was no time before the Liberal MP was spotted. "Wayne, did you change your position on guns?" yelled one of the patrons. "We're hearing on the radio ads that Ignatieff is whipping the vote." Clearly, the Conservative radio ads are working. The ads, released this week, target the so-called Liberal 8 – the eight... (

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United States

23 April 2010

Toledo Blade (Ohio), Editorial

What do John Bedell, Eric Harris, and Dylan Klebold have in common? The gun Bedell used to kill two Pentagon police officers in March and the weapons Harris and Klebold used to kill a dozen students and a teacher at Columbine High School in 1999 all were bought at gun shows without background checks. Congress can close the loophole that allows criminals and people with serious mental health problems to buy weapons at gun shows. But for that to happen, lawmakers such as... (

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United States

23 April 2010

WKTV-TV News (New York)

ILION, New York - Remington Arms could be getting a new multi-million dollar contract if new legislation is passed in Washington, D.C. Congressman Michael Arcuri was in Ilion on Friday to introduce a new bill called the "Small Arms and Innovation Act." According to Congressman Arcuri, bill will allow company to compete for additional federal defense contracts. Currently, just a few companies are making firearms for the military. Arcuri said a bill will help companies... (

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