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Gun Policy News, 19 April 2010


19 April 2010

GMA TV News (Manila)

More than 2,000 have been arrested for violating the gun ban imposed by the Commission on Elections as the campaign period nears the homestretch. Radio dzXL on Monday cited figures from the Philippine National Police (PNP) showing that 2,053 people had been arrested since January 10. Of these, 1,847 were civilians and the rest were government employees, including police and military personnel. The PNP also said it had seized about 1,740 firearms, 503 bladed weapons,... (

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19 April 2010

CTV News (Toronto)

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says he wants to reform the controversial gun registry, and has asked his caucus to vote against a bill that would scrap it. To win the support of reluctant Liberal MPs, Ignatieff said the registry should be amended to make it easier on owners of shotguns and rifles, particularly those who live in remote regions. Ignatieff has suggested abolishing fees needed to obtain, renew or upgrade a gun licence. First-time infractions for failing... (

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19 April 2010

Globe & Mail (Toronto)

Michael Ignatieff plans to whip his caucus to vote against a controversial Conservative bill to abolish the long-gun registry. MPs who do not vote with him will be punished. Usually, MPs are allowed to vote their conscience on private member's bills but this one is different – it has caused much consternation and embarrassment for the Liberals. "Let me be perfectly clear: the Liberal Party opposes the Conservatives' effort to scrap the gun registry altogether and we... (

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United Nations

19 April 2010

Inter Press Service News Agency

UNITED NATIONS - A new information portal launched Monday has been described as the world's first internet clearing house aimed at tracking unethical air cargo carriers transporting humanitarian aid and relief supplies to war zones while simultaneously smuggling arms and narcotics - at times, to the same conflict areas. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), which launched the new website,, says over 90 percent of air cargo... (

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19 April 2010

Yemen Post (Sana'a)

Seeking to contribute to the efforts exerted to shed some light on the different social, economic and political challenges as well as the risks posed by the phenomenon of arms bearing in Yemen, the Yemen Polling Center (YPC) conducted a survey in seven Yemeni governorates, which sought to gauge Yemeni citizens' attitudes towards the carrying and possessing of small arms and light weapons (SALW). Although there is no reliable data about the exact number of arms in... (

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United States

19 April 2010

Southern California Public Radio

Last month, security officers shot and killed a gunman who'd opened fire on them outside the Pentagon. The shooter — armed with two handguns — wounded two officers before they were able to stop him. The gunman was John Patrick Bedell — a former Irvine resident with a history of mental illness. That made it tougher for him to buy a gun — but not impossible. Look into Bedell's background and you'll find a former San Jose State engineering major, a skilled... (

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United States

19 April 2010

Wall Street Journal

Some gun owners, saying that the National Rifle Association isn't battling hard enough for their rights, are taking the fight into their own hands. The 4.3 million-member NRA, one of the most powerful and well-funded lobbying groups in Washington, has for 35 years dominated the push to expand gun rights. But its strategies aren't aggressive or imaginative enough for some gun owners who want to openly carry holstered pistols in public places, or to exploit loopholes in... (

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United States

19 April 2010

Boston Globe

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia - From the looks of it, Thursday's rally on the Virginia banks of the Potomac was all about guns. Loaded pistols strapped to the black cargo pants of beefy men. Full holsters on women's hips. Unloaded, but still intimidating, AR-15 semi-automatic weapons swinging across the backs of camouflage-suited men, ammo diagonally across their chests. But no - it was about so much more. "This rally is not about guns. It is so much bigger than that," Eric... (

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United States

19 April 2010

Voice of America

It was the deadliest act of domestic terrorism in the United States. The April 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City killed 168 people. Domestic terrorism is still a concern for law enforcement officials throughout the country. At 9:02 AM, silence fell across the Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum grounds, once the site of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City. At that moment 15-years earlier U.S. Army veteran and... (

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