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Gun Policy News, 17 April 2010

United States

17 April 2010

New York Times, Editorial

Two rallies by gun rights celebrants and anti-government polemicists are planned Monday on both sides of Washington's Potomac River. They will invoke the Second Amendment and the Battles of Lexington and Concord. A more apt, and tragic, anniversary to keep in mind is the Columbine school massacre of 1999. Eleven years later, and Congress has failed to close the gun show loophole that made the carnage possible. Two Columbine students had a friend obtain four... (

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Africa,Central Africa,East Africa

17 April 2010

Standard (Nairobi)

Proliferation of guns and other light weapons has become a serious security threat. Efforts by Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia to disarm pastoralists have failed to bear fruits and the arms trade and cattle rustling continue to thrive. However, the Regional Centre On Small Arms (Recsa) plans to develop a common disarmament guideline for its 13 member States, including Kenya. Recsa Executive Secretary Francis Sang says poor co-ordination and disorganised disarmament... (

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United States

17 April 2010

Denver Post (Colorado), Editorial

The University of Colorado's governing board ought to be able to decide whether individuals can tote guns on its campuses, even if those individuals own concealed-carry permits. We were disturbed by this past week's decision of the Colorado Court of Appeals, which ruled that CU did not have the authority to ban students and visitors with concealed-carry permits from carrying guns on campus. The decision likely has wider impacts than CU, as Colorado State University's... (

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