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Gun Policy News, 16 January 2010

United States

16 January 2010

Nashua Telegraph

CONCORD, New Hampshire – A joint legislative committee has reaffirmed a ban on guns and dangerous weapons in the Statehouse complex. The Legislative Facilities Committee took more than an hour of testimony Friday from House members on both sides before again adopting the ban by a 7-5 vote. The policy allows only licensed law enforcement personnel to possess a gun or dangerous weapon in the Statehouse, Legislative Office Building or Statehouse Annex Building across... (

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16 January 2010

Tehran Times / Khorasan (Iran)

[Iranian newspaper] 'Khorasan' in a report has pointed to the alarming massive gun trafficking into the country. According to the official statistics, compared to the previous year (March 2008–March 2009), the gun smuggling has risen by 10%. According to the statistics published by the national police, most of those who have been arrested on the charges of involvement in the violent crimes have claimed that they have obtained their guns form country's western... (

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United States

16 January 2010

Union Leader (New Hampshire)

CONCORD – A gun ban remains in force at the State House after lawmakers yesterday refused to overturn the policy. By a vote of 7-5, members of a committee that oversees the Capitol decided to retain a ban put in place Dec. 21. The policy bars firearms from other areas as well, including the Legislative Office Building, adjacent tunnels and the Upham Walker House. Two bills making it a felony to carry a deadly weapon into the State House are pending before the... (

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United States

16 January 2010

Kansas City Star (Missouri), Opinion

As last year drew to its close, a story in The New York Times reported a bit of encouraging news. In what is by far the largest U.S. city, population nearly 8,364,000, the total of 466 homicides in 2009 was the fewest in any year since 1963. Doing the math — dividing the number of people by the number of murders — it meant that one New Yorker out of every 18,000 was at risk of being slain. It piqued my interest, so I decided to run the numbers for some other major... (

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16 January 2010

News International (Karachi), Editorial

What is the point of having firearms legislation if the prime minister and the minister of state for the interior drive a coach and horses through it merely to gratify the wishes of their political cronies? Since the last week of March 2008 more than 38,800 people have been issued with licences for prohibited bore weapons – Kalashnikovs and Uzis, for instance – mostly on the direct order of these two office-holders. There has been no police check or any sort of... (

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