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Gun Policy News, 28 November 2009

United States

28 November 2009

Guardian (UK)

In the distance, there is snow on the ridges of the Rocky Mountains, but down here in the plains of Colorado there is only dust and sweat. In a layby just south of Denver, Texas Marshal is standing in the sweltering heat preparing for the showdown. He tips back his black felt bronco hat, pulls out his .45 Colt revolver and gives the barrel a slow, deliberate spin. Five brass bullets sink into the chambers and the gun goes back in its holster, ready to draw, his hand... (

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United States

28 November 2009

Christian Science Monitor

Anything involving guns in the United States is sure to stir up the debate over government gun control. And the recent rampage at Ft. Hood, Texas, where 13 people were killed and 38 wounded, is no exception. Until 2003, the FBI had up to 180 days to investigate information found in gun purchase background checks. But since then, such information — which might raise red flags for the FBI — has been available to the agency for just 24 hours, after which it is... (

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United States

28 November 2009

Philadelphia Inquirer, Editorial

In the wake of a number of shocking mass shootings, Americans should call on their elected leaders to tackle the problem of easy access to guns for people who have no business being armed. Ever since the Virginia Tech killings in mid-2007 by a mentally ill college student, the need has been obvious to tighten laws to prevent such troubled individuals from obtaining gun licenses. But doing so bucks against the powerful gun lobby. Now a disturbing new study from a... (

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