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Gun Policy News, 21 November 2009


21 November 2009

Times of India

LIMBDI, Surendranagar — Two arms dealers were arrested from Chotila highway on Friday for smuggling firearms from Madhya Pradesh. Four pistols and 56 live cartridges were recovered from them. According to police, accused Premkumar Besadiya alias Maharaj, native of Lahar Mihona in MP, and his local associate Raghu Bharwad, resident of Jamvali village in Sayala taluka in Surendranagar district, were arrested following a tip-off about an arms deal scheduled to be... (

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United States

21 November 2009

Post and Courier (South Carolina)

It's getting close to that special time of the year. No, not Thanksgiving, but the weekend after. That's when South Carolina celebrates what the Legislature has designated as "Second Amendment Weekend." That's when firearms can be purchased tax free in the Palmetto State, thanks to the largesse of our lawmakers. It will be the second consecutive year that the Legislature has singled out firearms for tax-free treatment. South Carolina is the only state in the nation... (

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United States

21 November 2009

Gazette (Wisconsin)

MADISON — Since 1996, the federal government has been prosecuting individuals for possessing a firearm if they previously were convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence offenses, but a Janesville man's case has changed that. A federal appeals court in Chicago on Wednesday reversed Steven Skoien's conviction, finding the law he was prosecuted under might violate Skoien's constitutional right to bear arms. The government needs to prove that its interest in preventing... (

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United States

21 November 2009

Kansas City Star (Missouri)

Flying is a turnoff for Brian Kunitz. Long security lines. Body patdowns. Having to remove shoes. Setting off the metal detector. "Airports in general are such a hassle," Kunitz said. Kunitz opted to try Amtrak, hoping for a more convenient, leisurely trip. But next year he may see some tougher security measures on trains, too. The U.S. Senate has voted to allow Amtrak passengers — for the first time since Sept. 11, 2001 — to transport guns in checked bags.... (

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21 November 2009

Daily Telegraph (Sydney)

New national gun laws will outlaw imitation firearms unless shooters hold a special licence to own them. The move follows a series of attacks using replica guns. A 10-year-old boy allegedly robbed a Hunter Valley video store with a replica gun two months ago. Two masked men with replica firearms robbed a fast food outlet in Padstow last month and a 77-year-old driver was robbed of his wallet in Manly by a teenager who was also brandishing a replica gun. Criminals... (

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21 November 2009

Herald Sun (Melbourne)

More than 700 guns were among the 1200 weapons handed in to police as part of a statewide amnesty. A total of 53 handguns and 681 long-arms were handed in, as well as 54 imitation firearms. Victorians also handed over almost 400 knives and 70 other items including crossbows, martial arts weapons and swords. Most of the guns were handed in at country police stations. Kyabram easily received the most sharp-edged weapons with 141. Deputy Commissioner Ken Jones said the... (

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