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Gun Policy News, 17 November 2009


17 November 2009

Tyee (British Columbia), Column

"The recent vote is appalling. We will witness the tragic consequences of this bill." — Dr. Carolyn Snider, Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians A lot of people had strong opinions on last week's column opposing the vote in Parliament to kill the long gun registry, passed with all Conservative and some Liberal and New Democrat MPs voting in favour. Today, I return fire on registry critics. Long guns aren't a problem? In 2008 a full 17 per cent of all... (

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17 November 2009

BBC News

Police in a town near Paris have foiled a 13-year-old boy's plan to shoot his teachers and himself after being warned by his parents, officials say. When the boy approached the school in Beauvais with a loaded hunting rifle he found it guarded by police and turned back, according to judicial officials. Police detained the suspect after he was found by his parents in an internet cafe in the town centre. His parents had raised the alert after finding the family gun... (

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United States

17 November 2009

Boston Globe, Opinion

In May, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that suspects who had carried loaded illegal firearms did not qualify as dangerous — that the offense was a "passive and victimless" crime. That phrase surely rings hollow for the 30 people shot, 10 fatally, in Bristol County in the six months since the court's decision. Before the SJC decision, Bristol County prosecutors and judges decided in case after case to hold offenders caught with illegal guns in jail... (

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Mexico,United States

17 November 2009

Washington Times

The former head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection called Monday for the U.S. to reinstitute the ban on assault weapons and take other measures to rein in the war between Mexico and its drug cartels, saying the violence has the potential to bring down legitimate rule in that country. Former CBP Commissioner Robert C. Bonner also called for the United States to more aggressively investigate U.S. gun sellers and tighten security along its side of the border,... (

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17 November 2009

Ha'aretz (Tel Aviv)

Police on Tuesday arrested five men suspected of illegally trading firearms in the northern region of Wadi Ara, a predominantly Israeli Arab area. Undercover agents in recent weeks descended on the suspects' homes to purchase six handguns, a rifle and other ammunition. Police thus compiled enough evidence to expose the group and to arrest the suspects for trading and other offensives. Central District Police officers raided the suspects' homes in Umm El Fahem and El... (

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Nigeria,Ukraine,West Africa

17 November 2009

African Press Agency

LAGOS — Nigerian President Umaru Yar'adua said on Tuesday that Nigeria and the Republic of Ukraine would cooperate to stem the tide in illegal trading in small arms across West African countries. Receiving a letter of credence from the new Ukrainian Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Valerii Vasyliev in Abuja on Tuesday, Yar'adua expressed the hope that"Ukraine will help us to bring the illegal trade under control". Yar'adua noted the long-standing friendly relations between... (

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United States,Canada

17 November 2009

Bangor Daily News (Maine)

Katrina Wickett was 23 in the summer of 2007 when her life spiraled out of control. The father of her children moved out of their Bangor apartment, leaving her with a 4-year-old, a 2-year-old and a newborn. A few months later, the Maine Department of Health and Human Services placed her children in the custody of her parents. By fall, she was without work, without a relationship and without her children, according to documents filed in U.S. District Court in... (

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Mexico,United States

17 November 2009

Yakima Herald-Republic (Washington)

YAKIMA, Washington — ATF agent Jessie Summers tried to deal with misconceptions before he talked about the illegal gun trade in Central Washington. "We're not here to take anybody's guns," he told a group of city and law enforcement officials from across the state gathered at the Yakima Convention Center. "The image of us being jackbooted thugs doesn't hold water." Not that Summers is worried so much about public image of federal agents. He and fellow ATF agent... (

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