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Gun Policy News, 13 November 2009

Mexico,United States

13 November 2009

Washington Post

A binational task force on U.S.-Mexico border issues will call Friday on the Obama administration and Congress to reinstate an expired ban on assault weapons and for Mexico to overhaul its frontier police and customs agencies to mirror the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The recommendations are among a broad set of security, trade, development and environmental proposals that come as President Obama and his Mexicans counterpart, Felipe Calderón, move to deepen... (

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13 November 2009

Star Phoenix (Saskatchewan)

The decision by a majority of Members of Parliament to scrap the long gun registry is a serious mistake that will return to haunt them. They caved into the right-wing redneck element that has opposed the registry since Day 1. The result will weaken our police forces and make the country a more dangerous place. Long guns basically are hunting rifles and they are more numerous and just as deadly as handguns. The registry now lists about seven million shotguns and rifle.... (

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India,United Nations

13 November 2009

Times of India, Editorial

The past few weeks have seen a somewhat contradictory message emerging from New Delhi on the issue of arms trafficking. On the one hand, home secretary G K Pillai has stated Indian concerns about Maoists being supplied arms from China, albeit by private Chinese players rather than by Beijing. On the other, when the UN committee on disarmament and peace voted on a resolution last month calling for talks on a treaty to regulate the global conventional arms trade, India... (

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United States

13 November 2009

Associated Press

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee — The issue this week at a Chattanooga church isn't just sanctification, but safety — gun safety. Pastor Fred Smith at the East Chattanooga Church of God says about 40 people have been taking a safety course on firearms. "We're not a pistol-packing church, by any means," he said, "but many outdoorsmen have an interest, and we want to get them trained properly." Smith told the Chattanooga Times Free Press there's a dual advantage. Besides... (

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