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Gun Policy News, 1 November 2009

United States

1 November 2009

State (South Carolina)

SUMTER — Last Halloween, when Tony "T.J." Darrisaw happily ran up to a single-story house in Sumter, he was met by a burst of fire from one of world's deadliest weapons — an AK-47 assault rifle. T.J. died instantly, a bag of trick-or-treat candy in his hand and more than a dozen bullets in his body. The AK-47 was set on fully automatic. It was, in effect, a machine gun. T.J. was 12 years old. His death illustrates the horror of the unintended consequences of... (

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United States

1 November 2009

National Public Radio (USA), Transcript

JACKI LYDEN, host: This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. I'm Jacki Lyden. Mayors Against Illegal Guns, led by New York's Michael Bloomberg, is losing members after the National Rifle Association mounted a campaign against the group. The NRA and other gun proponents contend that the mayors' efforts represent a slippery slope. WNYC's Arun Venugopal reports. ARUN VENUGOPAL: Pennsylvania has about 100 members in Mayors Against Illegal Guns, by far the most of any... (

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1 November 2009

Standard (Nairobi)

More than 130,000 guns are in the wrongs hands. The Government and experts are unanimous the country is sitting on a time bomb, which could explode any time. Head of the Kenya National Focal Point on Small Arms and Light Weapons David Kimaiyo warns the problem could reach unmanageable levels. "We have to address this issue once and for all, otherwise it might end up causing a serious social, economic and political problem," he warns. Past efforts to mop up and burn... (

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United Nations

1 November 2009

Asian Tribune / Inter Press Service News Agency

UNITED NATIONS — The United Nations, which is pursuing a proposal for "a world without nuclear weapons", will soon turn its attention to another new goal in the field of disarmament: creating a legally-binding treaty on conventional arms. The proposed new treaty, which is expected to be ready for a U.N. Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty in 2012, will regulate the global trade in conventional arms, including fighter planes, combat helicopters, unmanned aerial... (

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1 November 2009

Servicio de Noticias de la Mujer de Latinoamérica y el Caribe - SEMlac (Peru), Web page

[Translated summary: From January to August 2009, 546 women were murdered in Guatemala, including 350 killed with firearms… (IANSA)] Una mujer despierta de dolor y se reencuentra con que su rostro desapareció porque el marido se lo arrancó de tajo con un cuchillo. Otra corre peor suerte y su misma sangre sirve para que su conviviente escriba en las paredes: "por marera la tuve que matar". Y un hecho aún más horroroso tiene por escenario la calle: los pedazos de... (

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