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Gun Policy News, 31 October 2009

United States

31 October 2009

Columbus Dispatch (Ohio)

Hidden-camera investigations in July haven't resulted in changes at this weekend's Westland Mall Gun Show, although a Dayton show has made adjustments. Private investigators posed as buyers at seven U.S. shows, including Westland's, to see whether vendors would sell a gun even if the buyer said he would fail a background check. The report said sellers in 19 of 30 purchases didn't follow the law. Annette Elliott, who promotes the Columbus show with her husband, said... (

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31 October 2009

Winnipeg Free Press (Manitoba)

OTTAWA — The federal Conservatives launched a publicity campaign this week trolling for enough votes to push through legislation that would scrap the federal long-gun registry. But at least one Manitoba MP says the plan might be backfiring and actually welcomed the campaign as free advertising for himself. The bill, introduced by Manitoba Conservative MP Candice Hoeppner, comes up for its first vote in the House of Commons Nov. 4. It would end the requirement for... (

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31 October 2009

Vancouver Sun (British Columbia)

Former Vancouver Police firearms expert Gordon Bader, his wife and three sons are facing more than 30 criminal charges including illegal storage of firearms and possession of restricted weapons and magazines. And the family firearms training business, Silvercore Advanced Training Systems, is named in 11 of the charges, according to court documents obtained by The Vancouver Sun. Yet Silvercore, which operates at 7198 Vantage Way in Delta, is still running weekly... (

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Philippines,United States

31 October 2009

Manila Standard

BALTIMORE — City police are looking for a Filipino who had accompanied a Filipino couple who had owned a notorious bar in connection with the acquisition of four handguns whose bullets can go through body armor. The Investigative Voice said that a police report confirmed that police raided the Cheerleaders Bar in Fells Point last August looking for four FN 5.7 millimeter guns, The guns had disappeared since they were purchased by bar owner Vincent Javellana, and his... (

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United Nations,United States

31 October 2009

Associated Press

A key General Assembly committee voted Friday to allow the U.N. to start negotiations on a new treaty regulating the global arms trade to help prevent the illegal transfer of guns that kill and maim thousands every day. John Duncan, Britain's ambassador for multilateral arms control and disarmament, hailed the 153-1 vote with 19 abstentions in the General Assembly's disarmament committee, saying the international community is now a major step closer to achieving a... (

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Germany,United Nations,Russia,China

31 October 2009

Deutsche Welle

Germany, along with other key United Nations members, has backed talks on a global treaty to regulate the global trade of weapons. Two major arms suppliers, Russia and China, refused to support the measure. The United Nations resolution calls for talks aimed at agreeing a treaty to police the world's $55-billion (37-billion-euro) arms trade. The UN General Assembly's first committee on disarmament and peace passed the resolution calling for a treaty by 153 votes to... (

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