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Gun Policy News, 28 October 2009

United States

28 October 2009

CBS News (USA) / Taking Liberties, Blog

A New Jersey appeals court has concluded that Americans have no Second Amendment right to buy a handgun. In a case decided last week, the superior court upheld a state law saying that nobody may possess "any handgun" without obtaining law enforcement approval and permission in advance. That outcome might seem like something of a surprise, especially after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled last year in the D.C. v. Heller case that the Second Amendment guarantees "the... (

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Papua New Guinea,Philippines

28 October 2009

National (Port Moresby)

Four high-powered Colt assault rifles, designed for military use, and a 9mm Glock semi-automatic pistol were seized by Customs officers from a passenger arriving from the Philippines on Sunday morning at Jackson International Airport. Two assault rifle parts were also found in the man's luggage. The man (named) claimed he was transporting the weapons for a licenced arms dealer, but Customs officers say the man is no longer employed by the firm. "It is very unlikely... (

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28 October 2009

Mid-North Monitor (Ontario)

Should the gun registry be eliminated? That is a question that is coming up in national Parliament in the next few days. And, at this time of year, hunting season, the gun registry issue always seems to rear its 'provocative' head. Conceived some years ago as an opportunity to register all guns, it turned into a major financial fiasco for the reigning Liberals of the day. The Conservatives have decided to take it on as an issue. This past Monday, the Conservative... (

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28 October 2009

North Bay Nugget (Ontario)

Despite mounting local pressure for MP Charlie Angus to support a private member's bill to abolish the controversial gun registry, he says he will vote neither for nor against it. Angus, the New Democrat MP for Timmins-James Bay, said if it gets to a vote in the house, he will recommend that it be sent to committee for further evaluation. If it goes to committee, presumably the Justice Committee, witnesses would be brought forward and we would hear from sportsmen,... (

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United States

28 October 2009

Nevada Appeal

CARSON CITY, Nevada — Machinery suspected in the illegal manufacture of weapons was removed by investigators Tuesday from the shop of a man also charged with possession of child pornography. Detective Craig Lowe said a search warrant, filed last week in Carson City Justice Court, allowed for the seizure of about $12,000 in equipment that investigators suspect Glenn Ware used to manufacture two fully automatic .50 caliber rifles and a machine gun. About 8 a.m.... (

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28 October 2009

Northern News (Ontario)

KIRKLAND LAKE, Ontario — Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus will vote to have a private member's bill abolishing the long gun registry sent to committee. Conservative MP Candice Hoeppner, who represents the Manitoba riding of Portage-Lisgar has put forth a private members bill to end the long gun registry and at the same time the Conservative party is running a campaign to get MPs who are on the record of supporting this view to vote for her bill. One of the people... (

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Mexico,United States

28 October 2009

Las Vegas Sun (Nevada)

The man known as "Zorra" is the latest catch for federal Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents in Las Vegas. Five days ago he pleaded guilty in federal court, and when he is sentenced in January he faces up to five years in prison. The agents placed Claudio Caesar "Zorra" Penunuri at the center of a gun smuggling ring from here to Southern California and then south into Mexico. He provided the more than $100,000 in cash to purchase 28 rifles and pistols from... (

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28 October 2009

Agence France Presse

BUJUMBURA — A Burundian disarmament taskforce said Wednesday it had received more than 70,000 arms surrendered by civilians over the past two years in war-wracked country. Dozens of others queued up to surrender their weapons, which included guns and grenades, as a midnight Wednesday deadline to voluntarily do so neared. "We are very satisfied with the work achieved since 2007. Today, on the last day for civilians to voluntarily return illegally-owned weapons,... (

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28 October 2009

Advertiser (Adelaide)

There are just a few days left to surrender weapons to Victoria Police under its month-long arms amnesty. More than 10 items have so far been handed in to Wodonga officers during the statewide weapons and firearms amnesty, including five guns and five knives or swords. Benalla police also received five firearms as well as ammunition. The scheme, which runs all October, allows people the chance to surrender any unwanted or illegal item without penalty. Insp Gavan... (

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